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Editor’s Note – We continue our tradition of revisiting some of the big, interesting, or even weird happenings every Saturday as they have been reported in the same week over the years, as well as some cool advertising features from past years.

This week in 1930The Greenfield Republican reported that “valuable” zinc ore has been found at the former Rucker Stone quarries near Greenfield, owned and operated by the Cincinnati Quarries Company.

Greenfield businessmen were discussing plans to establish a market in Greenfield where “farmers could bring in all sorts of produce raised on their own farms and offer them for sale to those visiting the market”.

Wendell Griffith’s orchestra performed at a Rotary Club luncheon at the Harper Hotel, with vocal solos by WA Handley and piano by RW Price.

In sports, the McClain Yellow Jackets returned from Athens following the regional basketball tournament with the season behind them. McClain won his first round match against Washington CH, but lost his next match against Ironton.

The Lyric has announced several screenings, including “Mysterious Island” with Lionel Barrymore and Lloyd Hughes, and “The Thirteenth Chair” with Conrad Nagel.

Kroger advertised several products, including two cans of tomatoes, corn or peas for 25 cents and a 15-pound package of potatoes for 45 cents.

This week in 1960The Press-Gazette reported that a Work Unit Superior Performance Award for service in the Highland County Soil Conservation District was presented to Tom Parry, Leonard Watts and Tom Knott.

Highland County Commissioners have approved a resolution to have a state highway bridge removed as part of a relocation project on U.S. Route 62 in Leesburg.

National Wildlife Week was observed and conservationists, schools and other groups focused on the problem of maintaining wildlife numbers as their natural wildlife habitat dwindled.

Results of a survey of library records by some local library staff showed that adults and children in Hillsboro both read more fiction than nonfiction by a margin of three to one. .

Hillsboro’s Colony Theater has announced several movies, including “Betrayed” starring Clark Gable, Lana Turner and Victor Mature, and “Blackboard Jungle” starring Glenn Ford, Anne Francis and Louis Calhern.

The Owens Super ‘E’ Market, located at the corner of South High and West Walnut streets in Hillsboro, advertised several items, including 18 to 22 pounds of turkey for 45 cents a pound and two pounds of cabbage for 19 cents.

This week in 1990The Press-Gazette reported that Highland District Hospital Administrator Eloise Yochum said hospital admissions were up, patient days were up, ER visits were up 67 as well as increased X-rays, physical therapy and respiratory therapy.

Ohio Bell has filed applications with the Ohio Public Utilities Commission to offer three new advanced personalized calling services that would eventually give Hillsboro several new products like caller ID, automatic redial and repeat dial .

The 21st day of the National Census was approaching and was the final part of the county’s once-in-10-year statistical project, where the U.S. Census Bureau attempted to collect numbers on approximately 106 million housing units.

The Highland County Democratic Executive Committee was planning its annual Harry S. Truman Dinner which was held at the Senior Citizens Center in Hillsboro, with the guest speaker being Lieutenant Governor candidate Eugene Branstool.

In sports, Hillsboro High School’s basketball team had its season finale, but the newspaper celebrated the team’s 41-game regular season win and four straight weeks ranked second in the state.

The Colony Theater in Hillsboro announced “Born on the Fourth of July” starring Tom Cruise, and “Steel Magnolias” starring Dolly Parton, with tickets costing $1.50 each.

Great Scot Thrifty Supermarkets, located at 245 Main St. in Hillsboro, advertised several products, including a two-liter bottle of Coke for 99 cents and a 7.25-ounce box of Golden Grain macaroni and cheese for 39 cents.

This week in 2010The Times-Gazette reported that Rocky Fork State Park received nearly $10,000 from the Watercraft Division of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for boat launch lighting upgrades.

Beverly Wilson Palmer, a 1954 Hillsboro High School graduate and “renowned scholar,” was scheduled to speak during the month for the Women’s History Month celebration at Wilmington College.

The McClain High School Drama Department has announced that it will perform Peter Stone’s 1999 revival of “Annie Got Your Gun” on April 9 and 10 at the McClain Auditorium, with seniors Erin Mizer and Cody Hendershot in the main roles.

Hillsboro was given the opportunity to get a new park thanks to a $25,000 grant from the Rotary Club and an additional $25,000 from an anonymous donor, who both wanted to build a park behind the new Hillsboro Fire and Rescue building in wide of North East and Beech streets.

In sports, former McClain High School player Dante Jackson helped the Xavier Musketeers to the NCAA Sweet 16 Tournament for the third straight year with 18 total points in the team’s first two games against Minnesota. and Pittsburgh.

1st Stop Markets, located in Lynchburg and Mowrystown, advertised several products, including five-quart buckets of United ice cream for $3.99 each and a 10-pound bag of potatoes for $1.99.

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