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The Xbox presentation for Gamescom 2021 has come and gone, and it was filled with plenty of reveals, updates, and announcements. Many Xbox fans fixed it and were happy with what they got. However, for those who wanted to see a certain Spartan Super Soldier, they may have been left behind as there was a Infinite haloGamescom’s far-reaching omission this year, and it was a bit of a surprise.

Halo the fans very much appreciated the Infinite halo Technical Preview, and the community at large is patiently awaiting more information on its story campaign. Gamecom 2021 seemed like the perfect time for its next reveal, or at least a game development update. However, with the fall season approaching and Infinite halo Still without a release date, the Master Chief’s absence from the event seems increasingly blatant.

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Halo Infinite could have used a positive “bump”

What to expect from Halo Infinite at the Xbox Gamescom storefront

After the dust settles from the meme Craig chapter of Infinite halo and the game’s delay, 343 Industries and Xbox seemed to have turned a new leaf with the fanbase. Thanks to Communication, a multiplayer reveal at E3 2021 and the recent tech demo, Infinite halo looked up.

However, recent news is once again casting a shadow over the game.

It was recently revealed that Infinite halo would launch without the cooperative campaign and Forge mode, two essentials of the Halo series. These missing features are disappointing to fans, but it’s also a reminder that Infinite halo has been in development for at least six years and has been delayed once. Meanwhile, the game still has no release date and will now launch without key features.

It is true that Infinite halo will be a constantly evolving game, and over time, Campaign Cooperation and Forge will be added. However, it looks like a missed opportunity not to have the basic characteristics of Halo first day. With somewhat negative energy on the game suddenly, having Infinite halo at Gamescom with positive news would have been a big deal.

An update for the Halo Infinite campaign is required

Halo Infinite Chief and Cortana-Campaign

What many fans are waiting for is the next update and the full reveal of Infinite halocampaign of. The multiplayer reveal and E3 footage was great for many, as was the chance to play soon after, but 343 turned dark in the campaign. There are a lot of things fans want to see in Infinite halo, but much of it is just speculation at this point.

Some things have already been confirmed in Infinite halo leaks, like the return of Skulls. However, even between speculation, leaks and information before the deadline, there is not much to be confident as to what the Infinite halo campaign will result. If Gamescom had revealed more about the campaign with a trailer, or even gameplay footage, it could have answered countless questions.

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What 343 attempted to do with its gameplay revealed last year is show off a vast open campaign sandbox that the series had yet to see before. The DNA seemed to be there, but his polish was not. Now, one might hope that the problems have been resolved and Infinite haloThe campaign looks and unfolds as it is designed to, and therefore, it should be ready to show off. Maybe a trailer or gameplay demo just wasn’t ready for Gamescom, but that would have been ideal.

More Halo Infinite Multiplayer


If the campaign wasn’t ready, more multiplayer would have sold fans just as easily. There was so much to glean from Infinite halo Tech preview, and the community wants more. Between its smooth movement, the focus on classic gameplay that feels refreshed, the sandbox experience, unlocking, and more, Infinite haloMultiplayer seems to be a stumbling block.

It would have been nice if an announcement of the next Infinite halo The tech preview date has been revealed at Gamescom, along with details on what fans can expect. There was so much fun getting the first glimpse, so another one would be great marketing. It might be too much to ask for a huge announcement, like the rumor reveal Infinite halo battle royale, but a more standard multiplayer would have satisfied many fans.

Xbox Gamescom

The truth is, not all Xbox storefronts have to be as beefy as an E3 display. While the E3 event that took place in June was great, it’s unfair to wait for the one in every storefront. Xbox’s Gamescom stream had a lot of nice reveals, but that knockout looked like it was missing.

Xbox has provided updates on tons of games and brought many indie titles to the show, including the reveal of Humble Games titles coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One. It was announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming will arrive on Xbox consoles later this year, which will allow gamers to stream and demo games from the cloud. A limited time Forza Horizon 5 The Xbox controller has been revealed and it has a very sleek design. Overall, the event was packed.

However, it’s hard to see why Infinite halo still does not have a release date. One of the easiest moves in terms of excitement would have been for 343 and Xbox to create a trailer and release date to close their Gamescom showcase. Even if a campaign reveal wasn’t ready – although it may have been preferred – a reel of highlights from the Infinite halo A technical preview with a date at the end would have thrilled fans. Instead, it looks like these fans will have to wait a bit longer to find out more.

Infinite halo is in development for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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