WUL & PUL Throwaround: Idle Arizona makes WUL playoffs


The regular season curtain ended with high drama and our fantastic winner!

Get ready for lots of semi-pro female action! The Western Ultimate League Regular Season Finals gave us a lot of chills, and even the “game that doesn’t count” was pretty good. Meanwhile, the Premier Ultimate League’s busiest weekend showed the dominance of its top teams.

Also, we are ending our WUL Fantasy contest with the winner!

Results & Rankings

WUL results

WUL Ranking

PUL results

DC 11 – 4 Minnesota
DC 18 – 5 Milwaukee
Nashville 5 – 24 Raleigh
Columbus 11 – 8 Indy
New York 13 – 8 Christopher Columbus

New York at Indy was rained halfway through.

PUL ranking

Portland 2-0
Medellin 1-0
Washington D.C. 3-1
New York 1-1

India 2-1
Milwaukee 1-2
Minnesota 1-3
Columbus 1-3

Raleigh 3-0
Nashville 0-2
Austin 0-1
Atlanta 0-2

Weekly scenarios

Final playoff spot goes to Arizona in dramatic fashion

If fans were hoping for near-regular-season tension, they got it when Los Angeles and San Francisco battled it out with a playoff spot on the line. LA could advance with a win or a loss by four goals or less; San Francisco could reach the playoffs with a blowout of eight or more goals. Pulling the gap on those two options would result in Arizona, sidelined at 2-4, reaching the championship weekend. The Falcons’ 13-7 win just wasn’t enough for them or Astra, and true to their name, the Sidewinders slipped into a tight playoff space.

Somewhat taken aback, the Falcons had a real shot at their unlikely goal. They took a 6-2 lead at halftime and could have had a bigger lead if the wind hadn’t dampened offensive production and extended the duration of points. Conditions calmed down in the second half, allowing the teams to strut a bit more. In the final minutes of the game, San Francisco led 13-6, just a few throws short of the huge eight-goal gap they needed to put between them and Astra to qualify for the playoffs. However, they couldn’t deliver the final blow and LA scored to reduce the deficit to six.

It was an incredible effort from San Francisco, which was mostly scored for dead after a 1-3 start. Instead, Arizona, whose two wins on their 2-4 record came back throughout the first week, at home. However, they beat SF by six, just enough to maintain the necessary point differential. You can’t ask for more than every point counts.

It’s hard to take much attention away from that wild finish, but Seattle’s final regular season game against Oregon was also exciting, with Seattle’s fourth-quarter rally keeping their losses column unedited from start to finish. the end of the season. It will certainly raise expectations for the playoffs, especially if these two end up in the title fight.

Seattle will face Arizona on championship weekend, while San Diego will line up opposite Oregon.

DC dominates and Raleigh Rampages

It’s hard to watch the Week 5 tallies and keep your jaws shut when you see the Washington DC Shadow and Raleigh Radiance scores put together. With their massive wins, Raleigh pushed their point differential to +35, while DC barely trails at +30. The next closest is +8 (Portland and Medellin), while all other teams are either zero or negative.

DC traveled to the Midwest for matchups with Minnesota and Milwaukee, arguably the top two teams in this division, and dismantled each of them. The Shadow conceded just nine goals, helped by the windy conditions that welcomed them to the area in both games. They fought back against the Strike, taking an 8-2 lead at halftime. In Milwaukee, it was a defensive showcase, with DC holding Monarch star Georgia Bosscher just one pass to go with eight turnovers. Milwaukee opened with a break before DC clinched eight straight to take control of the game.

Meanwhile, Raleigh has trampled Jesse Shofner without Nashville. Like DC, their defense put the pressure on, shutting out Nashville in the second quarter and allowing just one goal in the third. The Radiance flexed its muscle, looking like the club was much faster and stronger as it moved forward with long winners to free receivers. After losing star Lindsay Soo for the season to an ACL injury, it must be heartwarming to play so well.

PUL announces a new media contract

The Premier Ultimate League officially signed with Quad Media to produce gaming content for them this season. Quad Media is a fairly young organization, founded in 2019, but has a lot of experience within it. They align well with PUL as a media organization focused on providing high quality content around marginalized athletes in niche sports. This kind of point of view fits very well with the organizational objectives and the positioning of the PUL.

The league’s pattern for this season has been a mix of streaming games, delayed tape releases, and even post-produced games. There were hiccups in the reboot and their new media partner might be able to iron out some of the sticking points.

Power ratings



Highlight of the weekend

Back to back for the Red! Anastasia Foster said “excuse me” with that nasty defense grab, trying to spark a comeback for Indy against Columbus in the second half.

Anastasia Foster Sky Gif

Although, maybe it should be San Diego Super Bloom Chairman Corey Atkins for cracking up on the “Name That Tune” TV show and bringing home some cash. She indicated on the show that she would like to send that money into Ultimate!

Atkins Name that tune Tweet

WUL Fantasy Updates


Complete game sheet

Drum roll please! It’s time for the big reveal.

  1. Jomsky Lark – 777 (68)
  2. Jesse C. – 774 (85)
  3. Carlos R. – 765
  4. Kat T-759
  5. Fred – 756
  6. Frankie S. – 735
  7. Steven M. – 732
  8. Corey A. – 729
  9. Emma EF-721
  10. Sasha V. – 704

Just like the league itself, this one fell to the wire! Jomskylark was able to fend off Jesse C.’s valiant comeback effort, having built enough of a lead to survive. Jesse edged Jom by 17 points, benefiting from Qxhna Titcomb beating Dena Elimelech (both starters had both players listed, but Jesse had Titcomb in a captaincy, while Jom had Elimelech) and help from LA with Stephanie Pritchard and Maggie O’Connor. But Pritchard was perhaps a little calmer than she had been the rest of the year, with two goals and two blocks.

The winning line-up: (C) Kaela Helton, (C) Dena Elimelech, Han Chen, Cori Bigham, Megan Maxfield, Jade McLaughlin, Qxhna Titcomb, Stephanie Lim, Avery Jones, Alex Diaz

Best Possible Roster: (C) Morgan Zajonc, (C) Jade McLaughlin OR (C) Dena Elimelech, Aly Steinfeld, Kristen Pojunis, Qxhna Titcomb, Maggie O’Connor, Kaela Helton, Han Chen, Sam Rodenberg

Week 7 top scorers

Here are the best players of the week:1

  1. Aly Steinfeld (Oregon) – 24 years old [3% rostered]
  2. Morgan Zajonc (Oregon) – 24 years old[1%]
  3. Qxhna Titcomb (Seattle) – 21 [54%]
  4. Sam Rodenberg (Seattle) – 21 [1%]
  5. Claudia Tajima (Oregon) – 18 [42%]
  6. Sharon Lin (San Francisco) – 15 [1%]
  7. Connie Wang (LA) – 15 [3%]
  8. Dena Elimelech (L.A.) – 15 [80%]
  9. Kaitlyn Weaver (Los Angeles) – 15 years old [3%]
  10. Julia Ting (San Francisco) – 12 [1%]

Lots of what you would expect here except for a quiet weekend for Elimelech by his standards.

Top scorers overall

The best range above basically covers that. About half of that list was under 10% (O’Connor, Zajonc, Steinfeld, Rodenberg), but the top three picks (Elimelech, Helton, and Titcomb) all made it. Obviously we were sleeping on Oregon and didn’t have a good read on where their production came from.


Western Ultimate League

The teams have a weekend off to prepare for the championship weekend.

Premier Ultimate League

Austin (0-1) at Atlanta (0-2)
Austin (0-1) at Nashville (0-1)


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