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OPELOUSAS – The workhorse got the job done and the Crusaders withstood a challenge from Highland Baptist as Westminster Christian pulled away in the second half for a 33-7 win over the Bears to move up to 5-0 over the season, thanks to the efforts of running back Bryant Moore who had two touchdown passes and rushed for 147 yards.

“We go out and we do what we practice and the line got stronger, they played their best and it showed,” said Moore. “I was over the line of scrimmage before I even got hit.

“I was able to build that momentum and get those tough yards.”

Moore scored on 10 touchdown passes and one yard for the Crusaders, who simply outscored Highland on the line of scrimmage as the Bears fell to 3-2 on aggregate.

Gage Barton threw two touchdowns as the Crusaders took a 20-0 halftime lead and survived an HBCS charge in the third quarter that reduced the lead to 20-7 before walking away with two goals in the second half.

But it was about Bryant, according to first-year head coach Travis Blaise.

“He’s our guy,” Blaise said. “I was absolutely moved in every game by his tenacity, his courage, his vision and his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.

“There’s nothing bad I can say about him. He works out day in and day out in the weight room, on the training ground. He leads by his actions, not his words. We know when we need a game, we can put football in his hands and he will do it for us. “

And Moore has done it several times against Highland, converting third downs to first attacking downs and holding Highland Baptist star Jaworski Joseph in check.

“We have a very good defense and we can all go on,” said Moore. “With a guy like that who can run from touch to touch, we were able to get him reduced and then the other defenders were able to stop him.”

Joseph, who had 476 yards for Highland entering the game, was limited to less than 75 yards by the Crusaders.

According to Blaise, in words echoed by Bryant, it’s not about the last four games or the next five games, it’s about the game in front of them.

“Our record may be 5-0, but we are treating each game individually,” said Blaise. “We’re 1-0 after tonight and we’re going to have a 0-0 lead before the next game hoping we can be 1-0 after the next game.”

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