When does the Sentinels of Light event begin?


League of Legends, or more broadly, Riot Games is poised to have its biggest event in gaming and corporate history. The Rise of the Sentinels or Sentinels of Light event is coming soon. This is a major themed event spread across League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, and even VALORANT. This will be the first time Riot Games has tried this and there’s no doubt fans will be excited to see how it all connects. With that, they’ll also be wondering when the Sentinels of Light event will start?

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Last year, Riot tested the idea of ​​a really big event. It was the Spirit Blossom event that saw Lillia’s exit and arguably more importantly, at least story-wise, Yone. Many had wondered about Yasuo’s brother and the impact he had that led Yasuo to where he was when he joined League of Legends. After many years, they finally got their answer with an amazing cutscene and event surrounding its release.

It was a major success and surely Riot got down to work on creating their next story. The important aspect was that they were creating something that helped the history of League of Legends.

Fast forward to January 2021 and Viego “The Ruined King” is finally revealed. He was another unnamed champion but one that fans were wondering about. Viego is the big bad in the League of Legends universe right now and everything Riot has done has been centered around him and his story.

Now they’re creating the Sentinels of Light event or more officially the Rise of the Sentinels event. This event will begin on July 8 and should help continue the story of Viego and his quest to dominate with new champion Akshan fighting him along with the other Sentinels of Light Senna and Lucian. They will be recruiting new members to fight the Darkness and there is no doubt that this will be a very exciting event as it unfolds.

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