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Large-scale interactive artwork will light up the Scottsdale waterfront for 10 days in November when the “Convergence Canal | Opening of the annual Water + Art + Light public art event.

From Friday November 5 to Sunday November 14, Canal Convergence will take over Old Town Scottsdale and the Arizona Canal with nearly a dozen free installations. Two of the larger works include ‘Say What You Will’, which transforms a visitor’s voice into light and video abstractions on the canal, and ‘Floom’, which involves sculptures of water lilies in the canal that project fire into the canal. ‘air.

While organizers continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 in the community, live music, workshops, artist talks, and food and drink vendors appear on track to make a comeback this year. . They “feel more confident that we can go back to the traditional Canal Convergence event format,” according to the event’s website.

Here’s what to expect at Canal Convergence 2021.

What is Canal Convergence?

Canal Convergence uses the Scottsdale Waterfront as a stage for free educational activities and interactive events, with the mission to “provide an authentic and immersive artistic experience in and around” the Arizona Canal.

Scottsdale Public Art – a division of Scottsdale Arts – hosts local and international artists who build large installations that integrate the canal, and the exhibits have become more interactive and technical in recent years.

Work that incorporates augmented reality was introduced last year, when the event made some changes to eliminate physical interactions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they’re here to stay. Scottsdale Public Art takes a look at these works this year with the featured theme “Art and Technology”.

Canal Convergence 2021 dates, times, location, entry

Canal Convergence is open every evening from Friday November 5 to Sunday November 14. Here are the timetables:

  • November 5 and 6: 6 pm-10pm
  • November 7-11: 6 pm-9pm
  • November 12-13: 6 pm-10pm
  • November 14: 6 pm-9pm

Art exhibits can be found along pedestrian walkways and bridges as well as in and over the Arizona Canal between Scottsdale Road and Goldwater Boulevard.

Entrance to the art walk is free. Some events such as artist talks and workshops require reservations.

For the full list of performances, workshops and artist talks, visit https://canalconvergence.com/event.

What to look for at Canal Convergence 2021

Nearly a dozen works will be exhibited. For more information, visit https://canalconvergence.com/2021-public-art. Here are four highlights.

The doors)“: Every time someone opens one of the “DOORS (S)” a new alternate reality scene will be revealed in the freestanding frame.

“How did a door become a metaphor for success, failure, opportunity, family, home, change, transition, and so many other moments of emotional connection? After all, it’s just a door, ”reads a description of Paul Magnuson’s work of B! G ART.

Say what you want“: Watch as a visual representation of your voice is projected over the Arizona Canal. Attendees can speak in one of six booths and watch “Spectral and Sentiment Analysis, Machine Learning, and Custom-Designed Software” transform their voices into a light, abstract video.

Boston-based art collective MASARY Studios will install 12 projectors and six projection surfaces, which will be suspended over the canal between the Marshall Way Bridge and the Soleri Bridge.

Floom“: Each night, metal water lily sculptures in the canal between the Marshall Way Bridge and Goldwater Boulevard will shoot flames 30 feet into the air. The otherwise tranquil lilies – created by Phoenix’s immersive entertainment production company Walter Productions – will twinkle during the day and glow with LED lights at night.

The fire shows will take place at 7, 8 and 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and at 7 and 8 p.m. every other day.

Aerogels“: Phoenix-based artist Roy Wasson Valle created “a visual narrative guide to an artist’s experiences on Mars in 2268”. Visitors can interact with six beacon stations 3 feet high, each with an AR component.

According to the job description, “AeroGels is a vision of a possible future with a positive outcome.”

Visitors who wish to interact with AR facilities through Canal Convergence must install the Hoverlay app on their smartphones (iOS 13 or later or Android 7.0 or later is required).

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