Weird West Surpasses 400,000 Players As New Zombie Event Begins


Weird West has got off to a good start: the impressive immersive simulation has reached 400,000 players since its launch about two weeks ago. That’s according to a press release, which celebrated the milestone and revealed the game’s content roadmap.

That player count is certainly something to celebrate, and Weird West’s day one launch on Game Pass for Xbox and PC certainly played a big part in achieving it. It’s also available on PlayStation, but here are the minimum and recommended PC specs if you want to play it on your home computer.

If you jump in now, you’ll be just in time for the game’s first free live event. “Live” is a fun word to use here, since the community event centers around a plague that turns people into zombies. Expect to fight many more undead until the disease is cured. You can get a quick look at The Plague with the new trailer below.

The trailer also includes the Weird West roadmap, which mentions four more upcoming updates. A content pack, something called Nimpossible Mode, another event dubbed Caged Ones, and mod support are all in the works. Like The Plague, they’ll all be free, and developer Wolfeye Studios says there are “more to come.” The Plague is live now, while the other roadmap items are currently undated.

Prior to The Plague, Wolfeye released the game’s first major update. It included the usual bug fixes and balance changes, and it also made it easier to move and sell items.


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