Weekly Bonus Event: Enter the Shadowlands


The Shadowlands Dungeon Booster begins!

This week

Open the party finder (default hotkey: I) for the whole week, then try to ensure that any Shadowlands dungeon on normal or heroic difficulty deviates from the main objective.

Create your own group of interrogative adventurers. Go to the Shadowlands dungeon and travel to Mythic before starting.

  • On the other side
  • Open space rooms.
  • Tarena Wilsey, Teyna Scithe, Rud Srg.
  • Plague
  • Sanguine depths
  • Ascension frustration.
  • The necrotic wake succeeds the necrotic wake.
  • The pain of the theaters is borne.

Look for the following throughout the week:

  • Keeper Kah’Toll in Oribos wants a task for you. Or, if you can’t get it there, you can start it with a travel guide.
    • Prerequisite for the quest: Complete 4 dungeons near the Shadowlands.
    • Rewards: A loot box containing a piece of clothing from Shadowlands Raids.
    • Passive bonus: The last boss of each dungeon adds more loot on all challenges (except Mythic Keystone.

Every week

The bonus event system is made up of a rotating calendar of different activities, which is currently scheduled to take place on Tuesdays. Each bonus event offers a passive bonus to that particular game activity and a unique quest per event with a nice reward for completing a related goal. The in-game programming can be your guide. The adventure guide also features an exclusive link to active bonuses, making it easy for you to accept any related quests.

Source: Blizzard.


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