Warzone fan comes up with idea for troll gear to arm the Numbers event in the game


A creative Call of Duty: Warzone fan has found a smart way to turn a negative into a positive. Taking all the frustrations of the Numbers event in Season 5, a Redditor came up with a new equipment idea that could honestly work.

The Season 5 Numbers event was not particularly enjoyed by most players. Some thought it was boring and unimaginative, others said the volume was way too loud, and many just found it boring.

But you know what else is boring? Flashbangs and stun grenades. Except they’re actually meant to be frustrating, which has led Reddit’s “thebestspeler” down an interesting path.

Instead of sitting in pain, working on turning down the volume on his headphones, Speler went ahead and thought about it. If the Numbers event is unintentionally boring, and some equipment in the game is intentionally boring, there is a chance for synergy.

Warzone Fan Turns Numbers Event Into Gaming Gear

I Got Terrible Game Ideas: Introducing CODWarzone Number Grenade

Speler brought his new concept to Reddit with a simple headline: “I have some terrible game ideas: Introducing the Number Grenade. “

Thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments later, it’s clear the grenade struck a chord (with, thankfully, no nerve gas needed). And it proves that simple ideas can get people talking, because Speler simply copied and pasted the event into an explosive capsule.


Stun Grenades are very annoying, but they are meant to be.

As the game’s equipment description writes, the Numbers Grenade would work pretty much like its namesake: “Muffles the enemy with a guy who says numbers and blurs his vision with some matrix bullshit we found.”

Talk about an effective way to troll your opponents, it might even be stronger than the existing methods.

In the comments, people played on both sides of the spectrum. While some have called Speler “Satan” and said they will immediately exit the game if they are hit by the digital grenade, others have said they will be ready to equip him.

But, for those who are annoyed by the idea and the event in general, Speler added a nice little touch. There is a QR code on the nade and when you scan it you are taken to a WebMD page: “How To Deal With The Emotions Of Hearing Loss.”


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