Tyreek Hill has a few competitors waiting to run it


Each challenger intensifies and each challenger ends up giving way to Tyreek Hill. The latest challenge from running back Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers recently came and went with Hill, the KC Chiefs’ top wide receiver, dominating Jones in a response to see who was faster. The answer is always Hill.

Still, that doesn’t stop random NFL players or other athletes from trying to call Hill for a chance at a run, and Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf is the latest such contender. hoping to come out somehow differently. Metcalf initially made his plea on Twitter.

Metcalf has a background in track and field, so that doesn’t mean Metcalf is in any way a slacker compared to Hill. He’s a very quick man and an exciting receiver, so the pairing would certainly generate a lot of interest for fans who want something to watch during the offseason featuring two of the NFL’s top athletes.

Tyreek Hill of the Chiefs has a few athletes who want him to run.

Last year, Hill faced NFL legend Terrell Owens in a race, which made Owens look good considering he’s old enough to potentially be Hill’s father. Hill was also supposed to face Adam Schefter in a post-COVID race held last December for a time to be determined, but nothing came of it. Suffice it to say, Hill remains relatively busy responding to such requests.

At the same time, Hill made his own demands. When Scotty Miller of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers said he was faster than Hill, the Chiefs wide receiver reached out to try and organize a contest. It’s unclear if and when this will happen, but it shows that Hill doesn’t just passively respond to those demands without feeling the adrenaline of the competition himself.

We’re still waiting for Schefter or Miller before Metcalf is available, so it’s hard to say when something will happen. But Hill has a few options for his next race if he’s ready to schedule it.


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