Ticket Tailor launches Stripe Terminal payments


Ticket Tailor, a leading white label self-service ticketing platformannounced a new way for ATMs and teller machines to accept card payments in person, using Stripe Terminal.

While the trend of online payments becoming the primary method of selling tickets to venues and events is expected to continue, a noticeable proportion of customers still require door entry for a variety of reasons, be it for convenience or due to impulse buying decisions. By moving online and in-person sales to the same platform with Ticket Tailor, funds can now be easily deposited into the same account, allowing for cleaner financial reporting and reconciliation.

John Afakihead of the Terminal business at Stripe, explains, “Despite the pandemic-fueled surge in online shopping, in-person sales remain important to the bottom line of many businesses. In the past year alone, payment volume of the terminal has increased sixfold. As consumers return to in-person purchases, businesses around the world are now able to seamlessly accept online and offline payments in one system,”

A ticketing platform for everyone

Ticket Tailor’s service involves no setup costs, monthly fees or hidden fees, instead providing a scalable solution ideal for start-ups and large organizations, charging a small flat fee per ticket. The company has seen its customers able to create an account and be sell tickets within the hour – without the need for support or extensive onboarding processes.

High Life Highland is just one organization that has benefited from using Ticket Tailor. ICT manager of the association Alan Hoseason says: “High Life Highland, which covers the North of Scotland, were looking for a flexible and easy to deploy ticketing system with above average functionality when they looked for a new ticketing solution for the prestigious Inverness Highland Games event. .

“Given the success of the platform for the Games event, we are now rolling it out to our museums, events and concert halls to replace a number of the ticketing systems we previously used. The charitable discount offered by Ticket Tailor also helps support our charitable goals.

Generate revenue through add-ons

Along with the Stripe Terminal integration, Ticket Tailor announced a range of additional benefits through its new Add-ons feature. Venues can use the system to manage and allocate inventory between events and increase revenue by creating new experiences. The software allows owners to add drop-down lists and question fields, perfect for requesting shirt sizes and shipping addresses.

Sites can also customize add-ons with prices, photos and descriptions, assigning add-ons to specific or multiple events with the ability to restrict the number of add-ons per event or in total.

Ticket Tailor says its system will particularly help tours and attractions that are looking for new ways to generate revenue and keep their operations profitable after the impact of the pandemic. The company predicts that box offices will be able to generate 15% more revenue on average by leveraging add-ons and upsells.

A competitive market solution

On the day the feature launched, Ticket Tailor saw customers using add-ons to sell guides, photo ops and skip-the-line passes.

Founder of Ticket Tailor Johnny White says, “Over the past few years we have doubled our functionality for the tours and attractions industry and it has been fantastic to see the growth of this customer base. The launch of Stripe Terminal and the new Add-ons feature is going to be extremely valuable for this industry. From adventure farms in the UK to art exhibitions in Berlin and water parks in Canada, we are delighted that Ticket Tailor offers a competitive and low cost ticketing solution for this market. ”

Other customers reporting positive results using Ticket Tailor include National Museums of Northern Irelandwho says the business is “a vital cog” in enabling customers to have a seamless booking experience.


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