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As the government of Trinidad and Tobago continues to question the total revenue generated by the National Carnival Commission from its $15 million investment in its “Taste of Carnival” season which ended March 1 , a native celebrates success and searches for potential stomping grounds in the area where they can host similar events.

Rising soca artist Sekon Sta is determined to etch his name in the history of the genre, not only as a performer and songwriter, but also as an event organizer, he said. he said in an interview with The SundayGleaner. And Jamaica is one of those places where he feels most comfortable, as he often travels to participate in events. “I practically have a home here now,” he joked as he left the stage at the I Love Soca Cooler festival held last Monday.

“I love Jamaica; I can’t describe it but it’s a great feeling when I’m in Jamaica. I hope one day – soon – I will bring Sekon Sunday to the people here [Jamaica]added Sekon Sta.

He is the son of the late Calypsonian pioneer Merchant and carried on his father’s legacy, while also making a name for himself in a way he hopes to be proud of, he said.

Sekon Sta, real name Nesta Boxhill, thinks he was born to be an artist and doesn’t give up on the opportunity to share his stories of stomping around the calypso tents during carnival season in Trinidad from a young age. .

“I’m not one of the artists doing soca for the season, it’s part of me, grounded in who I am,” he said. “Music is constant, so I aim to put music out there all the time. Carnival is just a celebration of soca and happiness together.

Known for producing the first-ever “fete-cert”, a word coined by Sekon Sta when he hosted his first solo concert in 2019, he is determined to share his culture and the message of music – unity, freedom and joy. – with a global audience. He hosts the popular Sekon Sunday and recently hosted Festival Friday during the 2022 Taste of Carnival festival season.

Sekon Sta said he had ‘one of the biggest events of the pandemic carnival season’ and is looking forward to the future, ‘after having a terrific season at T&T, to see all the brand can do “.

Not only does he want to grow his business, Sekon Sta Management, but he wants to hold his events on an annual basis as part of the official carnival calendar and anticipates that more Jamaicans who love soca and carnival will see what he has to offer. To do. bring to the table and that when he does, it will whet the appetite of fans outside the Twin Islands and make them want to visit.

Recognizing Jamaica for its rich culture and “Out of Many, One People” motto, the Kings and Queens artist said he could return before the end of the year.

“Depending on how God guides, I may be back for the Jamaica Carnival which is in July. I Love Soca Cooler Festival was a great show. I guess they underestimated the size, which was proof that there is an active soca culture. I think people recognize the great appreciation for soca and Jamaican soca culture,” he said.

“I also have to share that I look forward to collaborating with Jamaican artists; I’m a huge dancehall fan but I don’t want to insult and argue with myself, but I respect veterans Bounty Killer and Beenie Man, who I would have worked with [on the 2020 Soca track X-Rated which also featured R&B star Mya]. Only greatness can come,” Sekon Sta continued.

Sekon Sta made his breakthrough seven years ago with his single titled The best. He gained a wider fanbase after competing in the international Soca Monarch competition and walked away with the Carib Breakout Artiste Award for the single. Although he never won the title, he was named the favorite and his songs, Yes Yo, Waste and the collaboration with Salty, Skorch Bun It and Coolblaze, titled Who payscontinue to be named hits.

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