The Oaklandside launches a new calendar


Since launching our newsroom, one of The Oaklandside’s goals has been to help people enjoy the city by reporting stories about Oakland’s rich arts scene and sharing information about the many happenings and local venues that provide opportunities for cultural exchange, education and entertainment.

Back in June, we compiled a roundup of events to celebrate Juneteenth. The post was very popular among readers, so we took the idea and made it into a weekly column called This Week in Oakland, where we highlight five local events.

Of course, there’s a lot more going on in Oakland than we can fit into our roundup each week, and many events we wish we could include aren’t featured. We get messages every week from readers telling us about their happenings, and we’re sure there are plenty more that don’t even make it onto our radar.

This is why our team of City side—the non-profit organization behind The Oaklandside and Berkeleyside— worked behind the scenes with the folks at to create an event calendar for our website, where anyone can easily create and submit a listing for an event happening in Oakland or beyond .

The calendar of events was officially launched this week.

A screenshot of the user-submitted listings as they appear on The Oaklandside’s new event calendar.

At the top of the page, readers can also browse the current This Week in Oakland post, check out other recent articles we’ve posted that are related to local events, then scroll down to view local event listings.

To create a listing, simply click on the “add event” button at the top of the events calendar section, and you will be taken to the self-submission form.

A screenshot of the online submission form for The Oaklandside Events Calendar.

We are excited to offer our readers this new way to connect with other members of the community and spread the word about local events. We encourage you to use it, spread the word to others in the community who can also benefit from it, and bookmark the page so you can come back whenever you’re looking for things to do in town.

If there is an event that you think should be included in our This week in Oakland series, be sure to email me at [email protected]


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