The event, “The Big Riddle” was announced by Kingdom


Open source publisher Devsisters has announced that Cookie Run: Kingdom will launch a BTS-themed event with the Global Riddle Challenge. This event will be the largest interactive event in the Total Game style video, which is used in the “Braver Together” segment. Fans around the world will receive emojis from the game’s social media channels and are encouraged to find hidden keywords in cities around the world. Yes, physical locations other than South Korea, United States, Japan, Brazil, Thailand, and Canada are within range. Here is the presentation.

Credit: Public devsisters deserve a break.

The challenge will start with a message from BTS during “The Tales of Bangtan Kingdom.” An assortment of emojis found on “Coinsy Run: Kingdom” will help fans find the right place. Finally, fans need to find a suitable place for billboard ads for hidden keywords. Once all the keywords have been collected, a code for in-game rewards and a rare art book will be revealed.

“After the challenge was first launched, the photos and clues quickly spread across social media, with fans gathering across the world. The puzzles will be seen one by one every day until October 12. Billboards 3D are launched in Seoul, Times Square and Shinjuku Tokyo respectively. “Prided by GingerBrave”, BTS cookies are danced on the yoan to celebrate the collaboration” in celebration.

Although it’s pretty cool, the participant is a bit restricted. Will there be one in Times Square? It’s almost inevitable! But are they going to have one in Omaha, Nebraska? Probably not. Since you are in a densely populated city with this possibility, we wish you good luck in this case. For all of you, we’ll have to go back to the next level and watch it.


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