Team Alberta defeats Team Ontario in Canadian Senior Curling Event


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Rightly so, the decisive moment in a national championship game was played on the pressure of the final blow.

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Team Alberta won the Canadian Senior Curling Championships with a 4-3 victory in the eighth end over Team Ontario at the Community First Curling Center in Sault Ste. Marie on Saturday evening.

With the Ontario squad stretched to two, Skip Wade White regained his momentum in the hack and pushed forward, releasing his shot with precision, the granite boulder slowly advancing and crawling forward. , eventually stopping within four feet, the team letting out a dull cry of victory when a championship dream came true.

“I felt pretty calm about the shot because we threw a lot of pulls on the button and the guys said it was the same weight it always has been,” White said. “When the shot left my hand I thought it was pretty good. The guys went there pretty hard half way, so at about the pig line I yelled “take a look” because they were sweeping hard. The button went back.

The Stony Plain, Alta. Resident, who curls at Lac la Biche Curling Club, also won a senior gold medal in 2017, while also taking bronze in the 2019 version of the six-day event. .

“This one really makes me feel good because the last time I won it Ontario missed its last shot,” said White. “So this time I had to do mine. It was good to win the second. It was really good.

The win was a fitting conclusion for the team, also made up of third Barry Chwedoruk, second Dan Holowaychuk and first George White, as they reached the final with an impeccable 11-0 record.

“Usually you’d never think you’re going to go 12-0 because you need breaks along the way,” White said, while listing a handful of games where they got breaks by luck or otherwise. “Us, I don’t know, I’m trying to imagine how you get to 12-0. It’s a tough feat to pull off, but the guys put in a lot of good shots at the right time.

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The team were a wrecking ball throughout the event, paving the way for the championship with several one-sided victories.

The Alberta quartet scored 14 points in one game, scored 11 points three times and 10 points in one game. They have won six games with six or more points, including an 11-2 win over Saskatchewan’s Darrell McKee in the semifinals on Saturday morning.

“The guys shot well all week and shot well on Saturday too,” White said. “They did a lot of shots and when we had to take a shot at the right time, we did it. The guys played really well and swept really well too.

The quality of the ice was a secondary factor in the six days of excellent shoots.

During the post-event ceremony, many captains commented on the quality of the pebble surface, unanimously praising what the ice technicians presented all week.

“The ice cream was perfect; that’s how we like it because it swayed back and forth and you could use the brooms a bit to curl it up or keep it straight, ”White said. “It was just perfect, as we like it.”


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