Tall ships move to Two Harbors for 2022 event



Rather than postponing the 2022 festivities, event organizers approached the mayor of Two Harbors, Chris Swanson, who offered to host the festival along their coastline without hesitation. The city of less than 4,000 residents plans to expect around 100,000 visitors during the three-day period of August 4-7.

“In the grand scheme of things, this will be the biggest event on the North Shore and we don’t take it lightly,” said Swanson. “We are really all on the bridge.”

When asked how the small town plans to handle all the traffic, Swanson said a group of passionate community members who want the town to do well economically have already formed to discuss logistics such as traffic control. Regular meetings and messaging with businesses will resume in early 2022.

Swanson already knows they’ll need to use a parking space north of town on Lake County Highway 2, where shuttles will pick up festival-goers and transport them to the waterfront. VIP parking will be available at the water’s edge.

“We’re going to make sure we do everything we can to make things fun for people who visit and to be gentle with the community,” he said. “I just want to cheer on the general public, that’s well thought out. It’s not going to be perfect. Nothing ever is. But there are a lot of contingencies in place and I think it will be a great result based on it. ‘help moving forward to make it a success. ”

A record 12 ships will appear in the upcoming festival at Two Harbors, Festival of Sail producer Craig Samborski said in a press release. They include US Brig Niagara, Pride of Baltimore II, Inland Seas, Schooner Utopia, St. Lawrence II of Ontario, Nao Trinidad of Spain, Gerhard Folgero, Sundew, Abbey Road, Schooner Charley, Edna G. and the 2021 Chicago Course winner from Chicago to Mackinaw of the Yacht Club, perception of the schooner.

“Two Harbors has this wonderful small town charm, while still boasting a beautiful and expansive waterfront,” Samborski said. “Two Harbors’ Agate Bay has ample dock space for more ships and the onshore event site is nearly three times the size of previous years. Not to mention the sheer volume of commercial vessel traffic on the Great Lakes to navigate. “

The Festival of Sail will return to Duluth once construction on the waterfront is complete.

New features at this year’s festival include craft whiskey and beer tasting on ships, limited tickets for exclusive access to ships without queues, advanced parking passes, passes to avoid queues, family ticket packages as well as access to a private VIP tent with seating, catered lunch, snacks, beer, wine and soft drinks, while enjoying a pass to skip the lines waiting.

Tickets are on sale at showclix.com/tickets/festival-of-sail-lake-superior. Volunteers are needed to help with the event. Visit lakesuperior.festofsail.com/ to be involved.

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