Steel Valkyries Event Brings Improved Game Mode


The 2022 League of Legends Steel Valkyries event is underway and includes a new battle pass, a significant number of new paid and free missions, and a number of symbolic prizes that players can win. The new Prestige Edition Cyber ​​Halo Janna skin is also unveiled during the event. Players have until October 3 to redeem their rewards after the conclusion of the Steel Valkyries event, which begins August 25 and ends September 26.

The Steel Valkyries event introduces a new game mode to League of Legends in addition to the usual objectives, with the battle pass and free missions accessible as with each previous event.

Steel Valkyries Battle Pass Cost Breakdown

The Event Pass is the best deal available to players. Players will receive four Steel Valkyries 2022 Treasure Orbs and 200 Steel Valkyries Event Tokens just for purchasing the pass. League players will also gain access to three sets of highly valuable missions by purchasing the pass. These feature four Weekly Win Missions, the Infinite Token Profit Goal, and 10 Pass Milestone Missions.

Steel Valkyries Pass Bundle

In addition to the standard Event Pass, players can also purchase a larger bundle. The new Cyber ​​Halo Janna skin, its player symbol, and corresponding loading screen border are all included in the Steel Valkyries 2022 Pass Bundle in addition to everything else found in the aforementioned Event Pass. Players who don’t already own Janna will also get the champion. Remember that the only skin included in this package is the standard Cyber ​​Halo Janna skin. You need to redeem 2,000 Event Tokens to get the Prestige Edition of the skin.

List of milestone missions for Steel Valkyries

The Milestone Missions list contains some of the most important rewards awarded in each League Battle Pass event. This is true even during the Steel Valkyries event.

The Steel Valkyries 2022 Pass icon, 30 Mythic Essence, three Masterwork Chests, a Steel Valkyries bonus loot orb, and several additional rewards, including three new emotes, are available to players who complete all ten milestone tasks. In order to complete a mission, you must have a certain number of objective points.

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