sirathu: A candidate with ‘dugdugi’ claims to be only the one who tells the truth | Allahabad News

Prayagraj: The high-level electoral contest at the Sirathu assembly headquarters, from where MP CM Keshav Prasad Maurya is vying, also has a particular candidate, Chheddu Chamar, in the fray as an independent.
Chheddu has contested 10 elections so far, from panchayat level to Lok Sabha, and has now plunged headlong into campaigning for his 11th fight.
Interestingly, Chheddu earns his living by selling utensils on his bicycle, which is also his mode of transportation for canvassing.
He devised his own strategy and formula for seeking votes and winning elections.
“I start campaigning early in the morning on my old bicycle and seek only one vote from each Sirathu family to ensure the defeat of all rivals including CM Keshav MP Prasad Maurya and Apna leader Dal (Kamerawadi) Pallavi Patel,” he said.
A total of 18 candidates are in the running from the Sirathu Assembly seat, but Chheddu is nonetheless confident of victory this time around.
His approach is quite different from the others.
He always carries a ‘dugdugi’ (small drum) and a tin board with his details and the election symbol painted on it as he pedals from street to street seeking votes from the people of Sirathu.
Resident of the village of Mazra Taiyabpur under Shamsabad gram sabha, he declares: “I contest my 11th election. I have already participated in two elections for the members of the kshetra panchayat, three for the members of the zila panchayat, three assembly ballots and two parliamentary ballots.
And it’s not that he always lost. “I won the election for members of the kshetra panchayat in 2001 and I have taken part in all the polls for the past 20 years,” he adds.
This is his third Assembly election after 2012 and 2017, while he also contested Lok Sabha polls in 2014 and 2019 in Kaushambi.
Sharing his formula for winning, he tells people, “There may be five, seven, or 10 members in your family, but I only need one vote from your family. If I get a single vote from each family in Sirathu, I will defeat all my rivals.
Chheddu plans to cover all villages and blocks in the constituency on polling day.
“I get up early and go campaigning with the aim of covering at least 100 to 150 houses a day. I pick a spot and start beating my ‘dugdugi’ to attract voters, and deliver my speech when a large crowd gathers,” he added.
“Leaders of all major parties only tell lies and only read speeches written by others. I am the only one telling the truth and I am sure that I will win the hearts of voters,” he adds with a smirk.

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