SBI: investigation for embezzlement, “improvised explosive device” led to the arrest of Taylor | Local News



NEWLAND – The embezzlement and an improvised explosive device were part of an investigation that led to the Sept. 27 arrest in Linville of former Grandfather Mountain Highland Games employee Thomas Dewey Taylor.

North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Director of Public Information Anjanette Grube released the following information regarding the case on Thursday, September 30.

“The SBI has been informed that a former employee of Grandfather Mountain Highland Games is suspected of embezzling money / committing financial credit card theft. Upon further investigation following an officer’s response, an improvised explosive device containing flammable liquids was / was located, triggering a multi-agency investigation. response that included SBI, Avery County Sheriff’s Office, Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and local emergency services. The items were disposed of correctly and safely, ”the statement said. “After consultation with District Attorney Seth Banks, Thomas Dewey Taylor Jr. was identified as a suspect and was subsequently arrested … The investigation is still ongoing. No further information is available.”

Taylor, 43, of 316 Snowshoe in Newland, has been charged with three counts of attempted first degree murder and one count of possession of a weapon of mass destruction in connection with the Linville incident.

Taylor’s bail was originally set at $ 500,000, but during an appearance at the Avery County Courthouse in Newland on Wednesday, September 29, District Court Judge Ted McIntyre reiterated the charges and the bailiff has was raised to $ 1 million, with the next scheduled hearing date for Taylor set for Tuesday. , October 26.

“All the agencies have worked together and have fully cooperated with each other,” Avery County Sheriff Frye said on September 28 following the incident. “We had resources that we needed immediately to contain and investigate the situation. ATF came and helped tremendously. Everyone worked together.

Neal Falvey contributed reporting for this story. This story is developing. Click to as more information becomes available.



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