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The Campbell River Salmon Fest, Highland Gathering, and (hopefully) Rotary Parade all return in August.

On August 7, three of the big summer events will resume at Nunns Creek Park, combined with the regular array of food, craft and exhibit stalls that people have come to enjoy.

“We got it back on track this year,” said Brian Shaw, President of Salmon Fest and Highland Gathering. “We hated losing the last one (in 2020) and it was unclear if this one would take off too.”

The day begins with the Campbell River Fire Department serving a pancake breakfast. From there, the Highland Games begin with a solo competition starting at 10 a.m., followed by a parade and group competition.

“It’s always an awesome sight for the pedestrians who come to see it,” said Shaw.

Heavy games will follow, which will start around lunchtime.

Although they will not be able to host a Highland dance competition this year, there will be demonstrations of various dances.

In the afternoon, there will be full marching bands competitions, before marching bands form for the Rotary Parade.

While they are still waiting for the city’s assurance and approval for the parade, Shaw is confident it will continue. Salmon Fest appealed to the Canada Day Committee, which “did everything it takes to line up at least 25 floats. They will group the bagpipes groups into 3 sections to probably create a good sized sound throughout the parade.

After the parade, the salmon barbecue begins. Shaw expects the cost of the barbecue to be around $ 10.

The whole day ends around 7 p.m.

Entrance is free or by donation. All COVID-19 protocols will be in place, including social distancing and hand sanitization.

“It’s going to be a big event, and I know a lot of people will want to go out and do something,” Shaw said. “We have a busy weekend. This will be the first event to take place in Campbell River and it’s still tight.

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