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The Shop is the first of two ways to spend your Event Points, accessible via the icon on the Home screen or in Sanae’s Shop. The event starts off with lots of rewards and then more are added during the second half of the event. This should be the first place you spend your event points, if you’re not aiming to get all the rewards. You’ll need 655,400 points in total to clear the shop, not counting the stacks of coins that cost 1,000 each – these are only for people who go really, really hard. Besides if you to do want to complete the shop, this will give you a total of 2,653,400 event points. So maybe don’t try to do that.

If you don’t intend to completely empty the store, your priorities should roughly be the following:

Ritual of the Friend These handy items give you a random unit from a predetermined pool. A wonderful chance to earn additional units or unlock the ones you already own!

Paper doll ★★★★★ As a universal boundary breaking element, this should be a top priority. Since this item is not added to the store until the second half of the event, be sure to save 20,000 points for adding it.

Spirit P – Varied The importance of the additional P-Spirit depends on your situation. If you run over your supply of Spirit P, be sure to purchase them as you need them! Otherwise, if you constantly find yourself limiting Spirit P, it doesn’t really matter.

Skill Books (Gold) ★★★★ ☆ These are rather hard to find normally – be sure to buy some to upgrade your units! They are quite inexpensive.

Coins ★★★★ ☆ You need it for just about anything. Luckily the event gives you a ton in total.

History card ritual ★★★ ☆☆ There is a chance of getting a pretty good Story Card and, at worst, it’s at least 5 tokens.

Event story cards None of the story cards offered during the event are very good, but be aware that you can only acquire them from this event. If you don’t mind the small chance that they will come in handy in the future, they’re just free tokens, which is super cool. For finalists, you can MLB only one copy, and the tradition will appear in your journal forever.

Skill Books (Silver) ★★ ☆☆☆ While inexpensive, these aren’t particularly rare or in high demand – they can wait.

Skill books (bronze) ★ ☆☆☆☆ Cheap, but it should be the last place you spend your P event.


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