Red Dead Online launches Halloween event


Red Dead Online kicks off its Halloween 2021 event and reveals seasonal fashions, outfits, and rewards filled with tips and treats.

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Red Dead Online is preparing to celebrate the spookiest time of the year with a Halloween event that challenges players to defy supernatural threats. Players can take it upon themselves to protect the freehold properties of Armadillo, Butcher Creek, Shady Belle, and Bolger Glade from troubling enemies in Red Dead OnlineAll Hallows’ seasonal call-to-arms modes. Tips, treats, and the Halloween 2 Pass are also available for players who don’t mind the dark this week.

This is not the first time that the Dead red The franchise has entered creepy territory, but this seasonal event is a bit more in-depth than the occasional zombie. The event will feature as many rewards as there are fears – players who participate in any of All Hallows’ Call to Arms mode will receive a gift of double the usual RDO $, Gold and XP. Reaching Wave 10 will bring even bigger rewards in the form of 2,000 Club XP that can be redeemed with Halloween Pass 2.

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This week will also offer double rewards for the season-appropriate star series Dead of Night, in which four teams must compete to kill in a fight against The Dead’s endless tide. Players who complete any Dead of Night mode will earn a reward for a free ability card of their choice. The two seasonal modes will offer Red Dead Online players a Night Stalker mask that allows them to transcend the limits of humanity and access supernatural powers. However, players need to use it wisely, as such power usually comes at a price.

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Players who want more masks can investigate Madame Nazar’s traveling storefront, which will feature six spooky Halloween masks for a limited time. The Slaughter Mask, Creature Mask, Horror Mask, Swing Mask, Monster Mask, and Masquerade Mask are all available for purchase, and these aren’t the only new items added to the game. can also find 10 Snowberger candies and five chocolate bars in their inventories.

Finally, the Halloween Pass 2 is a limited-time purchasable upgrade that comes with rewards spread over 15 ranks, including more masks to conceal player identities, bloodstained clothing, and terrifying accessories. Players who have purchased all four installments of The Quick Draw Club will receive a reward allowing them access to the Red Dead Online Halloween Pass 2 for free, and all players who own Halloween Pass 2 this week will be rewarded with a free stable shirt and selected shirt up to rank 15.

Red Dead Online is available on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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