Prince Charles risks exposing ‘crown jewels’ as he dons the kilt in the windy Scottish highlands | royal | New


The Prince of Wales, 73, or the Duke of Rothesay as he is known while in Scotland, made the trip to Canisbay Church in Caithness – the northernmost parish church in mainland Scotland . He was seen chatting to a number of people at the church, however, in the windy Highlands known for strong gusts, the prince probably had to be careful not to get too exposed.

Prince Charles also donned knee socks and a sporran to go with his kilt – completing the traditional Scottish ensemble.

The Royal Family have their own Balmoral Tartan, but this can only be worn with the Queen’s permission.

The Balmoral tartan is gray and red, while Prince Charles’ kilt today was blue and green with faint red lines.

Before the church service, the King was seen chatting with Reverend Janet Easton Berry and Reverend Lyall Rennie.

He was also photographed planting a Rowan tree on the church grounds.

After getting his hands dirty, he was seen laughing and joking with writer/director Murray Watts and artist Monique Sliedre.

Fortunately for the prince, the windy conditions near the church today were described as a ‘moderate breeze’ by BBC Weather.

However, with gusts of up to 20 miles an hour, the Duke of Rothesay was sure to watch his kilt.

In the past Caithness has been affected by red weather warnings for wind during storms.

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