Owasso High School Band Hosts Owasso Invitational Walking Competition


Owasso’s 22nd Annual Invitational Marching Band Competition was held at Owasso High School on Saturday. Schools across the state are competing again after the competition was canceled last year.

17 groups from across Oklahoma and some from Arkansas participated in the Owasso Invitational. It’s a welcome comeback after covid took so much away from students last year.

“It means the world to our kids, I mean especially my band, I just know for my kids they’re so excited to start over so I know all the other directors and all the other kids in all these bands are C ‘It’s really great to be back, ”said Owasso Group Director Chris Harris.

He says there is a lot of work in a competition like this.

“It’s hundreds and hundreds of people including our students who run this whole show, I just sit in the press box and take care of the score sheets,” Harris said.

One of the competing groups was Stillwater High School. The students performed a piece called Cathedrals. Kadyn Casteel senior is the center drum major.

“I think it went really well, I’m really excited to be back, I’m happy to have my senior walking season, and I’m really excited about our show, I think it’s okay in the good direction, said Casteel.

She says she was disappointed when the marching bands were canceled last year, but is happy to be back.

“It means so much to me the marching band and just the marching band in general really made my high school experience and I’m happy that my last year I can really top it off by doing what I love the most,” Casteel said. .

Now she hopes to end her senior year on a high note.


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