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125 years

June 2, 1897

A new ice cream parlor, decidedly modern in its layout, will be opened tonight by CI Hageman in the room just south of the Sam Lyon bike shop. When it comes to ice cream, Mr. Hageman has a full line of the latest confections on hand.


The Nuessmeyer oil well, located a mile and a half east of New Breman which entered on Sunday evening, turned out to be a flowing well. The oil flow has greatly increased since the sand was discovered and the well is considered the best that has been discovered south of Lima. It is only about a half mile from the Shelby County line.


Hon. William Jennings Bryan passed through this city this morning on passenger train No. 36 on the Big Four Railroad, en route to Cleveland, where he is making a speech this evening.

100 years

June 2, 1922

Adam Miller of Dayton spent several days this week reaching out to friends who were former members of the Tappe Band. These included WP Harmony, Adam Heineman, EE Kah and John Burkhart. 47 years ago, on Memorial Day, the famous Tappe Band appeared in new uniforms and Miller was the drum major.


Something rather unusual in the manner of closing the day’s exercises happened at the Second Ward School yesterday afternoon, when teachers and pupils from all four grades gathered in the classroom of Miss Lottie Throp, sang songs and bade her a fond farewell, she was presented with a silver tray. Miss Throp retired after 46 years of teaching, most of those years in second quarter. She always taught first grade.


The Treasury announced today that the country’s debt was reduced by more than $51 million in May and now stands at $28 million.

75 years old

June 2, 1947

John Anderson was installed last night as president of the Future Farmers of America chapter at Sidney High School. Serving with him will be: Vernon Fogt, Vice President; Richard Fishbaugh, secretary; Ronnie Laughlin, Treasurer; Glen Michael, journalist, and Lloyd Chester, sentry. The chapter judging team is in Columbus today and tomorrow to compete in the state judging contest at Ohio State University.


Two more teachers from Sidney Schools tendered their resignations to the board at its meeting last night. The resignations are: Mrs. Martha Ellen Zimpher, first year in the fourth ward, and Mrs. Amelia Schneeberger Gretzinger, principal in the third ward. The resignation of Paul Watson as coach had already been announced.


County Treasurer Edward Salm announced today that the books are now open for the June property tax collection. The total cost of this collection is $194,700, including $611 in special assessments. This represents approximately 42% of the total load for the year. December disbursements were about 58 percent of the year’s total.

50 years

June 2, 1972

Safety Town, a traffic safety program for preschool and kindergarten-aged children, will be launched by the Sidney Police Department on June 12.

The program will include explanations of how traffic lights work, crossing streets and other aspects of road safety.


COLUMBUS – Stan Crosley’s bat came to life, and how! Anna’s wide receiver led her Rockets to a 10-3 win over Adena here this morning to advance to Saturday’s finals of Ohio’s Class A baseball tournament.

Crosley’s two-home run feat in the fourth could easily be a record for any school in tournament competition, including Class AAA and AA.

25 years

June 2, 1997

After considering various ways to discourage any erotic dance clubs from setting up in Sidney, the city council agreed in a workshop session on Monday evening that the best method would be to establish licensing regulations for such clubs. .

City Chief Legal Officer Mike Smith said licensing would be the best way to go, but he stressed that regulations cannot be so strict that no one can meet the requirements. “There must be an area where they could operate,” he advised. Otherwise, the regulations would be seen as restricting freedom of expression.

Smith said the United States Supreme Court has ruled that dance (whether ballet, Broadway theater or erotic dance) is a form of expressive speech protected by the First Amendment.


Two sisters, who grew up in Sidney after being separated from their families at birth, reunited with two of their eight siblings on a nationally broadcast show.

The emotional reunion between Shirley Van Horn and Nina Benny with their brothers Robert and Larry Tong recently took place on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show.

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