Not Your Typical Deli will open a pop-up in Gilbert


GILBERT, AZ – Not Your Typical (NYT) Deli plans to open a pop-up location at The Farmhouse in downtown Gilbert this summer.

The pop-up restaurant-style location that is in the works comes after co-owner Chef W Rieth announced that their current location in Gilbert Town Square will close on May 26.

You can hear Chef Rieth’s full announcement here:


  • 1166 S. Gilbert Rd #101 in Gilbert.
  • Tuesday to Thursday, May 26, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Can’t come before the store closes? To verify their food truck.

According to Chief Reith, the location of the pop-up will be behind The farm (in front of the water tower) in Downtown Gilbert, and it will have its classic sandwiches, but it will be “a little different”.

The 650-square-foot on-site building is set to serve as a pop-up NYT Deli venue in July; no specific date or time has yet been released.

“We take our eight best sandwiches that we sold at the deli. We’re going to have our Pastrami, we’re going to have our Reuben, our white BBQ pork, our Cubanos… all of our best sellers, we’re always going to keep them,” Chef Reith told ABC15. “What we’re going to add is wine and beer…and we’re also going to make charcuterie boards and sandwich heroes.”

  • Where to go when open: 228 North Gilbert Road

The new move to The Farmhouse and the expansion of NYT Delicatessen on the “mobile side of the business”, will create more jobs and will inevitably strengthen its mission of hiring employees diagnosed with intellectual disabilities.

“Labels are so destructive, and we like to pass those labels around…and we’re saying nobody’s typical,” Chef Reith told ABC15. “We don’t put our diagnosis first, we put our product first. It is Not your typical grocery store, we make killer sandwiches for you…we don’t say, “Hey, I’m autistic, that’s my sandwich.

“No one is typical… I think in my mind [that] becomes an equal playing field for everyone who walks this earth, and everyone deserves to enjoy the same opportunities. Not everyone will take these opportunities, but they certainly deserve at least a chance to try,” he said.


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