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KOG Games is hosting a pre-registration event to celebrate the release of their next SR rank hero, Ragnar. The character will be available on April 5 and will bring with it an event to help boost player progression.

Anyone who registers for the pre-registration event will receive the new SR Rank 5-Star Ranger Hero, Ragnar, for free. After registration, a pre-registration code will be provided to each player which can be used to claim the hero after release.

Ragnar is described as a noble descendant and heir to the Fire Spirit Lord. As such, she can transform into a fire dragon in order to burn anyone and anything that stands in her way. With the death of the Spirit World, Ragnar has become determined to do everything in his power to save it, even if it means becoming Lord of the Spirits.

The Ragnar event has three distinct stages. The first step, available now and until April 11, is the actual pre-registration. This can be done on the GrandChase website and will provide a code to redeem Rangar, which expires April 25, so make sure it’s redeemed as soon as the release date rolls around.

The second stage is the Social Media Share event, which is also available until April 11. By sharing the Ragnar Pre-Reg post on various social media sites, players will earn a Royal Summon Ticket, which offers the chance to nab an SR Hero. Participants will also be entered into a lottery where 10 lucky hunters could win an additional 50 tickets, with the odds being higher the more the post is shared.

The final stage is the Grand Express event, which will launch on April 5 with Ragnar. All players will receive the necessary materials to rapidly develop their heroes. With all items, two SR heroes can level up to Hunter Rank 20 and Soulprint Rank 10, which grants access to their Hunter skill as well as stat boosts and skill boosts. skills.

GrandChase is available to download now from Google Play and the App Store.


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