NBA All-Star Saturday Night: Which event do you prefer?


The NBA’s All-Star Saturday Night lineup is one hell of an annual tradition.

You have the skills part, which involves throwing passes at moving targets, relay races and half-court heaves. You have the dunks part, which is whining because it was better when Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins were doing it. And you have the threesome, which involves a lineup of guys not named Steph Curry.

In this week’s “Polling Place” — your home for Sun-Times Twitter sports polls — we asked which part is your favorite. We also asked you which event you would do best in. Yes really.

“Drink beer,” @FatDudeRunning commented.

So go.

“Ballboy,” wrote @ChiTownSports.

It’s just.

“I don’t have any skills,” @VerbanEmil offered, “but there’s a random chance that if I threw a basketball near a hoop multiple times, one shot would. The three-point contest c ‘East.”

Now it’s more like that.

And one last question: Who will finish first in the Eastern Conference? Place at the polls:

Poll #1: Which NBA All-Star Saturday Night event is the best?

Results: Did we mention Jordan and Wilkins already? Because – get together, kids – there was a time when the dunk contest was No. 1 on everyone’s bucket list. But that was when the game’s top pitchers, many of them superstars, enthusiastically participated in the event rather than viewing it as inferior to them or a danger. What style! What braggadocio! What will they think next!? Not so much anymore.

Poll #2: In which event would you be the best performer?

Results: At least we can joke about ourselves, right? Well, most of us can. Maybe not your cousin Earl, who still has tears in his eyes thinking of the big senior game of the year against East High when he scored a career-high 11 points and jumped so high in jubilation at the last buzzer. that he almost hit the back of the net. . But most of us.

Poll #3: The Bulls are atop the Eastern Conference in the All-Star break, but who will lead it in the end?

Results: Wait, did everyone get the question? The defending champion Bucks might be a wiser choice. The Heat — not to mention the 76ers — might also be a safer bet than the Bulls. But the respondents have spoken, dang it, and the Bulls get the vote. It is assumed that there are as many of us here as people are almost everywhere.


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