My Cause My Cleats Reps Attend Pre-Game Meeting Via Microsoft Teams Before Seahawks-49ers Game


“(The studs) are amazing,” said Jake Gustafson, senior director of portfolio development and foundation operations at Seattle Children’s. “It’s pretty mind-blowing when you look at a pair of shoes like this, ‘Oh my God, someone could have (designed) this.’ They are really on a higher level. It captured the essence of who we are as an organization and who we are as a city. “

Seattle Children’s has a long history with the Seahawks, including the annual tradition of players visiting hospital patients during the holiday season. Seattle Children’s “is dedicated to providing hope, care and medicine to help every child live the healthiest, most fulfilling life possible” – which it does through “unpaid care.”

“One thing that makes Seattle Children unique is our dedication, our core mission, what we call ‘unpaid care’,” Gustafson explained. “It is this idea and this practice that, whatever a family’s ability to pay, we will take care of these patients. It is something that is very unique to us, it is the main mission of our institution. because we are here to help these children live the most fulfilling lives possible. “

A patient joined the Pregame Huddle on Sunday from the hospital and was able to speak with Montgomery and the players entering the pitch. It was almost the reverse of the usual tradition of the Seahawks visiting patients, as this time it was the patient visiting the Seahawks.

Even though he couldn’t wear the cleats in a game, Carson picking the organization was always special to Gustafson and Seattle Children’s.

“We haven’t worked with Chris in the past, but what I do know is that he has to do things to take care of the kids,” said Gustafson. “Children are important to him, and wanting to team up and help an organization like ours that helps children says a lot about his character. We couldn’t be more excited and flattered that Chris chose us.”

The fourth and final Pregame Huddle will take place later this season after hosting previous events for the Crucial Catch and Salute to Service games.


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