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COVID-19 restrictions prevented students from going to the field last year. Additionally, members of the Western freshman group can choose whether or not to walk during their freshman year in high school.

“This year’s juniors, when they were in first year, didn’t all have to walk,” said Dobbs. “The students who have had the experience haven’t had it for two years, so they’re pretty rusty too. So we’re just trying to rebuild from the fundamentals. “

But West has a “good group of upper class students,” he noted. “I think they are going to set a good example and help these young members.”

The students started practicing music last week before they started walking. They also worked on the basics of walking for the new members of the group.

“I’m super excited to be back, the marching band is my favorite activity all year round,” said Abby Wendland, flautist and section leader. She focuses a lot on learning to walk among the new members of the group. “They are progressing very, very well.

Students of the West High School Marching Band perform an exercise for their instrument-free field show Tuesday during camp.

André Vent

Jamie Mastin senior, drum major and trumpeter, agreed that beginners already master the march.

“I feel like it’s going well,” she said. “We are working on the basics, obviously, still.”

“Orchestra camp is fun,” said senior trumpeter Sam Hackbarth. She said it’s especially true “when it’s not that hot. But I’m happy to have a show in my senior year.


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