Marvel’s Avengers Leak Reveals Captain America Costume From Divisive Marvel Event


The Marvel’s Avengers The game may soon add a skin for Captain America that comes straight from the stories told in the comics, but this particular story it’s from isn’t exactly one that’s universally loved. Leaks have indicated that Captain America’s Hydra suit from the Secret Empire event is supposed to be coming to the game, a skin that would come with its own unique shield to distinguish it from the one Captain America uses with other cosmetics.

The last on Marvel’s Avengers’ rumored cosmetic plans for Captain America come from Twitter user Miller who accurately shared information about the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers content in the past like the inclusion of Bucky Barnes. Miller tweeted about the cosmetic this week and said the skin “isn’t fully implemented yet” but was indeed referenced in the game’s v2.5.2 update. The leaker included the image below to show which skin has been referenced, although it’s worth bearing in mind that this is the comic representation of the skin and not the actual cosmetic that will be in-game, as this does not hasn’t been revealed yet. .

In response to this tweet, the user clarified that the skin is “get your own shield“, but it is unknown at this time if it will be the one on top which will have a different shape from Captain America’s rounded shield or if it will be a recoloration. admitted that the skin shield might just be a recolor but that seemed unlikely to be the case.

If you’re wondering why Captain America looks quite evil in this depiction of the hero and why some people may have had a knee jerk at the news of the supposed addition of this skin, it’s because of the origins of the cosmetic. . He comes from the Secret Empire event which focused on Captain America but encompassed the stories of multiple heroes. Through a series of events facilitated by a Cosmic Cube and an alternate reality, the Secret Empire event gave way to this version of Captain America who was actually a sleeper agent for Hydra.

The story is more involved than that considering it was a Marvel event spanning many stories at the time, but it was widely criticized for its portrayal of Captain America, the pacing of the event, and a conclusion that many thought fell short. to the investment in time that it required. However, there were those who enjoyed the story, and even those who might not have cared as much about the event were at least receptive to this radically different costume for Captain America. The hero has gotten plenty of outfits over the years, but this one definitely stands out from the rest for better or worse.

When (and if) it will be added remains to be seen as Crystal Dynamics hasn’t announced anything yet, but expect to see it on social media and in-game later if it is indeed added in the future. .


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