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TR PHOTOS FROM TREVOR BABCOCK – Bodeen the Bigfoot was out at the Midwest Annual Paranormal Festival in Marshalltown, taking photos with guests and entertaining attendees.

Greeted by a sign of Bigfoot shaking hands with a green alien, hundreds of people flocked to Riverview Park over the weekend for three days filled with healing and stories from the other side.

The Midwest Annual Paranormal Festival in Marshalltown featured paranormal investigators, psychic psychics, healers, holistic alternatives, and people sharing their personal experiences of weird encounters. Visitors moved around the park to speak personally with dozens of notable members of the paranormal community.

“Paranormal simply means anything outside of what we consider normal”, Author Frank Bennett said. “A lot of things when you think about it fall into that category, things that have nothing to do with ghosts. If we don’t know and understand it, it’s out of the norm, and just because ghosts and demons seem to fall into that category, it’s part of the game.

Bennett spoke at the event detailing his alleged encounters with the paranormal. In the 1980s, he said he witnessed the appearance of a humanoid creature known as Aberdeen Wildman on the shores of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

“I caught him looking at me” Bennett said. “I didn’t face him, but when I made a hard move he went crazy and weird and saw him do things humans can’t do. I watched him do a vertical jump of over 15 feet directly into the trees above my head. There is nothing in nature that is capable of this. He climbed to about 60 feet and walked through the trees screaming and howling like a monkey. “

Shamanic healer Holly Mullins performs a tarot card reading for attendees of the Midwest Annual Paranormal Festival.

Since then, Bennett has said he has encountered more creatures and entities, but has also examined over 1,000 encounters with the paranormal reported by others.

“I’m looking for what they have in common and what I have found is amazing, how common and similar they are, which is very suspicious to me” he said.

Paranormal investigator with 20 years of experience, Ami Green, heard about a wide variety of people with different paranormal backgrounds during the event, such as those who encountered aliens, cryptid creatures and ghosts. .

“It’s really interesting to hear all kinds of backgrounds, we can exchange ideas and stories, and that’s my favorite part so far” said Vert.

Paranormal investigator and founder of All Out Paranormal Rex Nielson said the paranormal community is like family and enjoys seeing familiar faces at the festival while sharing stories with new faces.

Psychic medium Greg Moorman reads the energy of palm trees at the Midwest Annual Paranormal Festival.

He said the purpose of his investigations was to find evidence of the afterlife and the spirits, trying to get in touch and learn their stories.

Nielson does not like to provoke during his investigations, declaring, “Ghosts are people too.” Throughout his investigations, he has said that less than one percent of the spirits he claims to have encountered are malicious.

A frequent question asked of him throughout his decade of experience is what location has been his favorite to investigate.

“It’s like asking a parent, ‘Do you love your son or daughter more?’ This is a question I cannot fully answer. Each place has something different for me ”, Nielson said.

While the event had many paranormal encounters, the festival also had plenty of space for healing. Palm reading, brackets, aura photography and card readers were seen throughout the event with attendees.

Hundreds of attendees came to Riverview Park Friday through Sunday for the Midwest Annual Paranormal Festival, keeping vendors busy throughout the weekend.

Shamanic healer Holly Mullins said she read tarot cards to more than a hundred people on Saturday afternoon. She said her goal is to help enlighten others by connecting with others through her cards, which are meant to show what others need to know immediately in their lives.

His partner, Dallas Adams, said the experiences with the visitors were worth it.

“The real human connection you get with these people, whether they understand what we’re talking about or resonate with their souls, to me that’s why we do what we do.” Adams said.

While meeting many open-minded people, they both said they encountered their fair share of skeptics as well, which was to be expected.

“Everyone should have a healthy dose of skepticism, but they shouldn’t exclude anyone” Mullins said.


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