Jail sentence for Larne man who spat on and threw tea at “ex-partner”


Ballymena courthouse. INBT02-213AC

Lloyd Ogilby (27), of Glynn Road, had previously been convicted of a number of offenses in a court competition, including assault causing actual bodily harm and growing 15 cannabis plants as well. than possession of drugs, especially “magic mushrooms”.

A prosecutor said the defendant said she was assaulted on November 5 by Ogilby, her “ex-partner”.

She was also head butted and slapped in the face and her mouth was grabbed and squeezed.

The woman had to go to the hospital.

When the police spoke to Ogilby, they smelled cannabis and the accused punched one officer in the face, smashed his glasses and kicked another officer.

The accused had drugs, including ecstasy and diazepam, and told police he received Xanax as a “free sample”.

During the interview, the accused claimed that the assault on his ex-partner was in “self-defense”, claiming that she attacked him, “bit” him and that he was trying to hold it back.

Ogilby claimed he reacted to police saying he was hit “a good blow in the face” and was “fixed”.

Defense lawyer Andrew Moriarty said he did not want to “diminish in any way” what Ogilby had done, but believed probation could help.

He admitted that “things just turned on the side of a cliff” regarding Ogilby.

Also on November 6 last year, police discovered that the accused possessed .177 caliber air pistols – BB pellet guns – for which he did not have firearms certificates. because of their power.

On June 15 of this year, the defendant admitted to being in possession of a class B drug.

The court heard that he had left his house and as a police foot patrol passed by, they could smell cannabis. A search of the house found more than 400 grams of cannabis.

District Judge Nigel Broderick told Ogilby, who was in court: “It was disgraceful behavior for the victim. She suffered major injuries, a perforated eardrum.

“It was sustained aggression, no doubt confirmed by the combination of your aggressive behavior; the inability to control anger and arguably fueled by a concoction of drugs.

“The courts have said time and again that they have a very dark view of domestic violence. This is an important case of domestic violence. “

Ogilby, who had a previously clear criminal record, appealed after being sentenced to nine months in prison by Ballymena Magistrates’ Court.

A restraining order is also in place and runs until 2023.


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