In 1988, Adams Resident receives a funny visit from MTV Crew (VIDEOS)


I want my MTV. Almost everyone remembers that word, especially since it was Dire Straits’ 1985 hit “Money for Nothing” that Music TV broadcast in heavy rotation. MTV was fun in the ’80s. They released the most unique and innovative videos to date. “Money for Nothing” was at the cutting edge of technology with “Land of Confusion” by Genesis and who could forget “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel? This is when music really started to become a visual medium, sometimes eclipsing the audio part. There is no doubt that people were listening with both their ears and their eyes, but it was the marketing strategy of those days and they hit the jackpot with this method. Additionally, MTV hosted some fun game shows including “Remote Control” in the late 80s and then “Singled Out” later in the mid and late 90s.

MTV had fun contests and in 1988 the channel made a surprise visit to Berkshire County (home of an Adams resident)

In the late summer of 1988, MTV paid a visit to Berkshire County. They invaded Dawn Wellspeak’s East Road home in Adams. MTV has run an “MTV at Home with Belida Carlisle” contest. It’s just something fun that Carlisle wanted to do, which was to play from a fan’s house. Hey, that sounds pretty funny to me. The VJS (video jockeys) who made the trip to Wellspeak’s house in Adams were Julie Brown and the often wacky and entertaining Kevin Seal. Back at the studio, Adam Curry launched at Kevin and Julia, with one of the biggest mules you’ll likely ever see, as he took care of the hosting duties of the video countdown.

Something Weird About Adams Resident Dawn Wellspeak Wins MTV Contest

The interesting thing about Dawn Wellspeak’s victory in the MTV contest is that she didn’t even participate. That’s right, her sister Deanna came in using Dawn’s name because Deanna was under 18 and thought she wouldn’t be eligible. I don’t think Dawn cares because in addition to the visit, Dawn earned $ 5,000 which she naturally decided to share with her sister.

Let’s see the video of MTV invading the Adams house (some bonus videos too)

The following videos are parts of MTV’s visit to Dawn’s home in Adams in 1988. It’s still hard to believe MTV came to Berkshire County, but they did. These are good videos and will send you into a time warp where not only was it a simpler time, but for many it was the best of times (had to throw the Styx reference). Don’t you agree? By the way, you’ll love the business cutouts as well as some of the tracking issues. Hey, that was the ’80s, which meant VCRs and VHS tapes were going full blast.

Bonus Video # 1 (Intro by Julie Brown from Adams Home)

Bonus Video # 2 (Performance by Belinda Carlisle of Adams Home

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