Hawks and State Farm Arena successfully diverted over a million pounds of waste in 2021


ATLANTA — Today the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena announced that they have successfully diverted more than 1,033,716 pounds of waste from landfills throughout their roster of basketball games, concerts and ancillary Hawks events in 2021. Most notably, the award-winning venue has prioritized changes in its operations and sustainability efforts to move from diverting nearly 10% of waste in 2019 to now diverting an average of more than 90% waste on any given match day or event on the entire list. of events.

“As we continue our journey to become the first TRUE certified zero-waste venue in live sports and entertainment, diverting over £1 million in a calendar year is an incredible achievement and brings us even closer to our goal,” said Hawks and State Farm Arena Director of Sustainability and Operations Sofi Armenakian. “We are extremely proud of the efforts and of our partners, Novelis, Levy and Pritchard, who play an important role in achieving such a milestone in 2021.”

State Farm Arena composted 365,290 pounds of materials and recycled 165,623 pounds of bottles, cans and food containers; 68,630 pounds of construction and demolition materials (eg wood, stone, metal, insulation, carpet, marley, foamboard, etc.); and 122,125 pounds of cardboard. Additionally, the site recycled 49,565 pounds of glass, 11,281 pounds of aluminum and 3,194 pounds of plastic wrap; and recycled and donated 5,827 pounds of furniture and appliances. The Hawks also donated 5,872 pounds of food (about 5,000 meals) and 3,576 pounds of old retail merchandise. Other materials were recycled, donated, composted and reused to bring the total to 1,033,716 pounds.

Since the summer of 2021, the Hawks and State Farm Arena have worked closely with Novelis, the world leader in aluminum rolling and recycling, which has continued to provide guidance and operational knowledge to organize, sort and recycle aluminum. aluminum and other materials. The partnership focused on promoting sustainability, responsible recycling and a circular economy.

“To achieve over a million pounds diverted from landfills so quickly is impressive,” said Tom Boney, Executive Vice President and North American President of Novelis. “We are excited to put more infinitely recyclable aluminum cups and cans into the hands of fans and further reinforce the recycling value of these products. To play this role in the sustainability journey of the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena is an honor for us. It’s one of the many reasons Novelis is proud to be in Atlanta.

The Hawks and State Farm Arena continue to lead the way in sustainable practices for sports venues and live events. Late last year, Novelis became the Official Aluminum Recycling Partner and Proud Sustainability Partner in State Farm Arena’s journey to becoming a TRUE zero-waste venue. TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) is a standard established by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), the world’s leading sustainability and health certification and accreditation body. In June 2021, GCBI announced that Game 4 of the Atlanta Hawks’ first-round playoff series last May against the New York Knicks had achieved TRUE certification, marking the first time a sporting event had received the designation. The match was sold out with 16,458 fans in attendance.

To learn more about how the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena are leading the way in sustainability efforts in the sports and entertainment industry, visit StateFarmArena.com/sustainability.


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