Green Pest Solutions awards new van as part of foot safety initiative – PCT


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Cory Goeltzenleuchter, Director of Technical Services and Operations Support, McCall Service, earned the Board Certified Entomologist (BCE) designation in February 2022. The certification follows Goeltzenleuchter’s success to take the public health entomologist exam in 2021, when he was the tenth person to pass the certification program in the United States

Goeltzenleuchter built his professional life around the pest control industry from the age of 14, initially supporting his father’s business in Lakeland, Florida. He earned a bachelor’s degree in entomology from the University of Florida before joining McCall in 2013.

Becoming a BCE had been on Goeltzenleuchter’s radar since graduating in 2012, seeing many of his mentors and technical group colleagues pursue certification along the way.

“While it was a big professional step for me, I also knew it would be a win for McCall to have a BCE on staff,” Goeltzenleuchter said. “I want to continue to be an asset to McCall, Northwest and Rollins. It’s one of the most rewarding goals I’ve accomplished yet. My fiancé was my first call, and she met me at the testing location just to say “Congratulations!” because it meant so much to us.

Goeltzenleuchter is an outstanding teammate to McCall, wearing many hats during his nine years with the company. He was also recently promoted.

“We are honored to be able to share in the celebration of one of Cory’s pivotal life achievements,” said Josh Cooksey, McCall’s chief executive. “I believe achieving this goal is part of who Cory is and only defines part of what makes him great. I know very few people as passionate about their industry, developing others, and developing themselves as Cory We are fortunate to have him and are thrilled with his continued professional development.

Goeltzenleuchter plans to focus on the Certified Food Safety Professional (CP-FS) credential, the company said. The entire McCall team is thrilled to celebrate.


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