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Each week, the lineup of THE GAME 103.7 Lafayette and 104.1 Lake Charles – Sports Station in Southwest Louisiana will share a little something about themselves.
This week, the team answers the question: “What was the first college or professional sporting event you participated in?”

Hannah Five Names (morning producer)
“I guess I could follow what RP3 said. My first Major League Baseball game went well last weekend. I have to go to two different hotels, have a broken TV, slow AC, almost get hit by my fiancé for a ball foul, go to a high end Dillard and get on a train just to get to our car afterwards the loss of the Astros, but that’s good my Mariners swept their series! But my first honest pro game was New Orleans Zephyrs Minor League Baseball with my brother running the bases in ’09 I believe with Cub Scouts!

Matt Miguez (host of Crunchtime with Miguez & Meche)
“My first sporting event that I attended live was the Louisiana IceGators. My parents had season tickets so from the age of two I was going to games 2-3 nights a week. I remember being so had fun watching the games, and I really think that’s what sparked my love for hockey, I also got to take a picture with the Stanley Cup, so that was pretty cool.

Clint Domingue (Under the Dome Host)
“The first professional game I attended was Astros-Giants at the Astrodome when I was about four years old. I don’t remember much of the game, but I do remember the trip to AstroWorld afterwards.

Raymond Partsch III (Host of RP3 & Company)
“I went on vacation with my grandma to Chicago and my uncle had season tickets for the Chicago Cubs. Wrigley Field seats were right behind the third base dugout. I actually got to get my hands on on it, which was an unforgettable moment for me. I even got an autograph from Shawn Boskie during batting practice and it would have been enough to watch a game at one of baseball’s most historic venues, but the match then came that day in August 1992.
The Cubs’ starting lineup had Greg Maddux on the mound with Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace and Andre Dawson in the lineup. The Montreal Expos featured Delino DeShields, Larry Walker and Moises Alou.
The game was filled with drama as Grace hit a tying homer in the ninth inning, but the Expos won 3-2 in 17 innings. I still have the scorecard from that game. I went to another game at Wrigley that trip, it was against the Mets, but I can’t remember a single detail. The Cubs-Expos game I remember like it was yesterday.

Jordy Hultberg (Jordy Hultberg show host)
“The very first sporting event I attended was an NBA preseason game at Loyola Fieldhouse. I was probably six years old. My dad took me to see the Boston Celtics against the Philadelphia 76ers. 2 very good crosses…Bill Russell against Wilt Chamberlain.

James Meche (Afternoon Shows Producer)
“If we get technical, then I went to an LSU football game when I was one and the 2002 Saints vs Steelers game when I was two. So, of course, I won’t remember that. The first one I remember going to was Minute Maid, my dad and I were going on a father son bus trip to Houston to watch a one day Astros game and we went back to Lafayette for about 9:00 a.m. It was once a year and we did it for four or five years.

Kevin Foote (footnotes host)
” I really do not know. I vaguely remember being in a lot of UL basketball and football games when I was young, but I don’t really have any specific game memories.
Same deal with the Saints and Astros.
I have memories of the Saints losing to the Dolphins 21-0 at Tulane Stadium. Jess Phillips attempted to go over the top three times from the 1 yard line and was stuffed all three times. And Jim Mandich caught a TD pass right in front of me.
As for the Astros, the first time I remember going there was a 6-5 loss to the Reds. Greg Gross made the final out of the game for the Astros.
In 1975, my name was drawn at the Augie Tammariello Show to be on the sidelines of a UL vs. Pacific football game. Unfortunately, the Cajuns lost 19-14.


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