Genshin Impact: Let the Arataki Gang Show Begin! event guide


A new web event has started for Genshin Impact, themed around Arataki Itto, an upcoming playable character in Genshin Impact. For this event you have to help him move some boxes, to win prizes such as Primogems and Mora.

Just slide the boxes to the right to help him move the goods he needs. You can do this by holding left click on the boxes and dragging them to the right.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After that you will see an image which you can choose to share. Sharing the image will reward you with Primogems. Click “Share this image to get Primogems” to start the process and earn free rewards along the way.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You will have a few options after clicking on the link. You can choose to share the image on Facebook, Twitter, or copy a shareable link to your clipboard. Note: You are not required to share the image on social media. You can click the link instead and you will eventually get the rewards. You will get 10 Primogems here.

After sharing this image, you will need to complete a second task. Help him to light up a street by clicking on the indicated lamppost.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You should get a new image in your mailbox at the top right. Repeat the process. You will have the chance to share the event and gain access to a new “show” which should give you your final rewards.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Share the final photo and get your Primogems. You will have received 40 in total.


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