Gearbox will release a Tales From the Borderlands game this year


Gearbox Software, the developer and publisher (through its Gearbox Publishing branch) best known for the Borderlands video game franchise, announced to Pax East that it was developing a new game within the critically acclaimed game Tales from the Borders series. Even better, the all-new choice-based narrative adventure is set to debut later this year with a fitting announcement this summer!

Considering they’ll be properly announcing the game in the coming months, Gearbox wasn’t one to divulge too much about the new one. Tales from the Borders Game. That being said, they had some information to share. First, unlike the original game, this new adventure will be developed in-house without the help of Telltale Games. Whether this was due to creative differences, the latter studio’s previous closure in 2018, or other reasons is unknown. It was implied during the event that the game would take on a similar format to the previous entry. The other note worth mentioning is its setting, as Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford mentioned on stage that it will be an all-new adventure with original characters that haven’t been seen yet. seen in the series (presumably). Yes, I too share the tears for the loss of our Rhys and Fiona adventures.

Beyond a new Tales from the Borders game, Gearbox Software has shared a handful of new projects it’s partnered with through its publishing arm. These include a new partnership with Heart Machine to Hyper Lightbreakerwhich is expected to launch in Steam Early Access in the second quarter of 2023. There was also a partnership with the “roguelight” platformer. eyes in the darkcooperative loot shooter Legend of the Relic Hunters, a Homeworld 3 Collector’s Edition, and much more! Head over to the official Gearbox Twitter account and linked Steam pages for all the news on this.

For now, what do you think of a new game in the Tales from the Borders series by Gearbox? On what planet do you hope to see it take place? Let me know!


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