Frisco ISD: FISD brass bands impress


November 03, 2021

Kudos to the Wakeland High School Marching Band for placing fourth in the UIL State Marching Competition earlier this week at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

Bands from Lebanon Trail, Lone Star and Wakeland set off in bus trailers on Sunday to prepare for the 5A prelims on Monday in which they all played in hopes of advancing to the final on Tuesday. A total of 33 groups from across Texas participated in the preliminary competition.

The Color Guard, musicians, student leaders, principals and parent volunteers have spent countless hours over the past few months preparing for the UIL competition. At every stage of the performances, each group displayed a superb level of precision and artistry that showcased the powerful fine art programming available through Frisco ISD.

Lebanon Trail’s “Sleeping Beauty” performance was memorable, featuring huge prop beds that were used to tell the story.

The marching band is led by director Kelly Wykoff and assistant directors Matthew Schaul, Mikaela Probst and Rob Parks. The directors are supported by four drum majors proud to lead the group. Learn about the drummers of the Lebanon Trail and why they like the group.

Lone Star’s “Hyde and Seek” performance portrays the story of “Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and includes a wide variety of musical selections ranging from Bach to Radiohead.

The marching band is led by director Mark Poole and assistant directors Tim Hickman, Colin McKelroy and Emilio Monreal. The directors are supported by four drum majors. Learn more about what drives Lone Star Drum Majors.

The Wakeland group qualified for the final on Tuesday for their performance “Dark Waters”. From group uniforms to art movements, students transmitted the beauty and power of water. They faced 11 other groups and placed fourth in the final.

The Wakeland group is led by director Tanner Smith and assistant directors Elizabeth Rivera, Daniel Berard and Brian Teed. The directors are supported by five enthusiastic drum majors. Learn more about what drives Wakeland Drum Majors.

“While the artistry and power of the Frisco ISD groups in the state is memorable, it is the sense of community that stands out to me,” said Pete Hazzard, General Manager of Fine Arts. “Every student, staff and parent who was there can speak of the sheer pride in supporting each Frisco ISD group at State.

“Although this was a competition, it was also a demonstration of Frisco ISD fine arts unity across the district.”

While the UIL walking competition is over, the walking season is not. The marching bands will continue to perform during the halftime shows in future football matches.

Buy tickets to see the groups in action under the Friday night lights.

This press release was produced by Frisco Independent School District. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.


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