Fortnite launches Naruto crossover event


Fortnite’s official Naruto crossover begins, bringing several new skins, weapons, and challenges for fans of the series to acquire.

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Part of FortniteThe continued success of the past two years has been its use of popular IP addresses in the game. After incorporating movies, celebrities, and other video game characters, the anime has finally come to Fortnite, as the Naruto the crossover event has officially started.

Epic Games teased the Fortnite and Naruto crossover last week, without revealing too much information. A simple tweet showing the Fortnite and Naruto Shippuden logos with NarutoThe hook line dubbed in English from “Believe it!” and the date of November 16, 2021. Soon after, however, images from a Japanese magazine began to circulate, leaking a plethora of content from the crossover, including skins, pickaxes and back accessories. The announcement sparked a strong mix of reactions, with many fans keen to get the skins as soon as they were released, and others questioning the purpose of the crossover.


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Fortniteis official Naruto The crossover event has begun, bringing some of the anime’s most recognizable characters and iconography to the hugely popular game. The footage leaked last week was accurate, as all of Team 7 head into battle, including titular Naruto Uzumaki, rival Sasuke Uchicha, their biggest supporter, Sakura Haruno, and Sensei of the team 7, Kakashi Hatake. They are divided between two character packs: the Naruto and Kakashi pack includes the two characters with the Seventh Hokage and Anbu Black Ops variants respectively; and the Sasuke and Sakura Bundles feature both characters as well as the Sakura Uchiha skin for the latter character.

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The island receives a multitude of Naruto– thematic content too. For starters, for the rest of the season, players can win Naruto rewards by finding Kakashi on the island and tackling a variety of “ninja-themed quests”. Besides, Fortnite added Paper Bomb Kunai in the weapon rotation, which is normally found in chests and loot llamas, as well as the Kakashi player. Finally, players can head to the Hidden Leaf Village, completely recreated in Fortnite, where they visit famous locations like the Hokage Residence and the Ichiraku Ramen Shop, and after completing the quests, visit other locations like the Final Valley. and the Chunin review. arena.

This last event of Fortnite will probably satisfy Naruto old and new fans. Naruto ShippudenThe continued ubiquity of in popular culture is a testament to the creativity of Masashi Kishimoto, his world and his characters having stuck with so many people. For non-Naruto fans, but still anime lovers, this crossover is a promising sign of potentially more anime crossovers to come. Fortnite in the future. Who knows, before long Fortnite squads can be made up of Naruto and Sasuke, with Dragon ballis Goku, and A playit’s Luffy.

Fortnite is free on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S.

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