Football training report: August 16


Venue: Outdoor driving ranges

Format: Full padding

An analogy Dan Lanning likes to use is that the day after a game – or in this week’s case, a scrum – is to go to the doctor. You diagnose what ails you and get a prescription to get you well.

Practices directly after visiting the doctor are meant to get better. So what did the Ducks look like at the start of the week, following their scrimmage on Saturday and a chance to analyze it in the days that followed?

“I thought today,” Lanning said Tuesday afternoon, “was probably our best fall camp practice yet.”

The Ducks were back in full force on Tuesday for the first time since scrimmage. The team was absent from training on Sunday – making the metaphorical doctor’s visit – before returning to training on Monday and then putting the pads back on on Tuesday.

Afternoons have been hot in Eugene this month, and those are the days when camp can become a chore. The novelty has worn off, but the opening game still seems like a small speck on the horizon.

But Lanning loved what he saw on Tuesday.

“Our guys are starting to take ownership, what training looks like is really relative to their performance and the energy they bring,” Lanning said. “The guys just came in here with the right mindset, saying, you know what, I want to improve today. I’m not looking for it to be just another day. And they did a good job. .”

It wasn’t just Oregon’s attitude that was impressive. There was also an attention to detail, addressing scrum issues that were diagnosed in the film’s review by the coaching staff.

Sean Dollars Justin Flowe Practices

“In training today and yesterday, we try to recreate those moments that happened in the scrum that we messed up,” Lanning said. “So if we had a bad fit to a certain look, or if we weren’t getting good cadence on offense, or good movement – trying to rewrite that to make it happen again, to see if we ‘corrected. And I thought it was from our guys.”

Notable: Among the periods of competition in training on Tuesday were 1-on-1 clashes between guys from different position groups at the start of training, an impromptu placement attempt halfway through training to test the readiness of those units and a 4-minute-to-close-practice situation in which the offense had to try to protect a lead while killing the clock. … After practice the night before, the Ducks staged a “home derby” at Autzen Stadium using tennis rackets. The event was part of a series dubbed “Duck Olympics” that also included a free-throw shooting contest hosted by the UO women’s basketball coach. Kelly Gravesand an evening of bowling.

Practice Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu


Junior defensive lineman Brandon Dorlus to establish themselves as a leader
“Last year I wasn’t really training to play in games. I was really slow and I didn’t like the way I was training. This year I took a big step forward to find something every day to improve myself by one percent. I just try to take the other guys with me and try to lead every day.”

Junior defensive back Steve Stephens IV on returning to action after last season’s injury
“To be a recovery specialist all the time, to make sure I’m doing everything I can: hydration, what I do off the pitch, stretching, cold baths, hot tubs. Things like that for my recovery, keep that to Premium.”

Post-practice interviews:

The head coach Dan Lanning

Junior defensive lineman Brandon Dorlus

Junior defensive back Steve Stephens IV

Junior outside linebacker mase funa

Second-year defensive lineman Treven Ma’ae


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