Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker delays and impact on the game’s calendar of events


While two weeks in the big picture isn’t too important, Square Enix today explained how the recently announced delay of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will impact previously announced events in the game and online store. For a complete overview of the modifications (or non-modifications) made, click on HERE or scroll down for a summary of the announcements:

About Endwalker pre-orders

For any questions regarding existing pre-orders, we kindly ask you to contact your reseller directly.

Adventure Jump Start Sale

The duration of the current Adventure Jump Start sale will not be extended, so please take into account the end date: Friday November 19 at midnight (PST).

Moogle Treasure Trove: Hunting Traditions

As previously announced, the event should be available until the start of patch 6.0 maintenance, which should start at the start of Early Access.

All Saints’ Day Awakening Seasonal Event

With Endwalker’s release postponed, the All Saints’ Wake seasonal event set to be held around the end of January 2022. The Starlight and Heavensturn celebration are expected to take place during their regular schedule, with more details regarding each event to be announced later.


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