Fan Won Radio Station DJ Contest + Played at Evanescence for an hour


In 2004, a young Evanescence fan won a DJ competition for a matinee at an easy listening station on his hometown radio dial.

But when their time came the music lover played alone deep cuts from rock group led by Amy Lee. They now jokingly admit that they “ruined everyone’s morning commute” with the lineup.

At least that’s how the fan remembered it last month on Reddit, the user-submitted news and chat site where they shared apparent photographic evidence of their former DJ niche. The photo has since gone viral.

See the photo towards the bottom of this post.

The user posted the image of his radio visit on Dec. 28 to the r / blunderyears subreddit, a place to share “images from a regrettable past,” according to the forum.

Next to the photo, the poster for Reddit u / losvestidosrojos explained: “In 2004, I won a DJ competition at the easy-listening radio station in my tiny hometown. I started playing a hour of deep cuts from Evanescence and I ruined everyone’s morning commute. “

It is definitely a way to start the day. And we can’t help but wonder if anyone in the fan zone still remembers that Evanescence-filled hour that happened 18 years ago.

At the time, Evanescence would have been in the wake of their first album, 2003’s Fallen, which contained rock radio hits such as “Bring Me to Life” and “My Immortal”. The popular album inspired many music fans across the world.

Evanescence then released the albums Open door (2006), Evanescence (2011) and the remix album Synthesis (2017), consisting of reworked versions of classic Evanescence tracks.

Last year, Evanescence released its latest, Bitter truth. Songs from the album like “Use My Voice” in turn inspired a series of comics. In December, Evanescence postponed several concerts due to COVID-19; they plan to get back on the road later this month.

Maybe the nostalgic Reddit fan can spend another hour on the radio playing new tracks from Evanescence.

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