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The Branson community and a lifetime of fans remember the life of artist Paul Eve, who passed Tuesday, September 28.

Eve, born in Kentucky, has been a performer for almost three decades. At the age of 9, he started playing Johnny Cash. Eve has performed across the country and even opened for many famous artists, including Jerry Lee Lewis. Winner of numerous regional competitions, Eve won the Indianapolis State Fair in 2009 and first place in the Hollywood Casino Contest with her tribute to Johnny Cash.

In 2011, Eve joined the Legends in Concert family in Branson as a Johnny Cash Tribute Artist. Eve last performed in Branson Legends in Concert in 2019, but was still a member of the Legend in Concert family when she died. In 2015, Eve opened her own Branson show, A Tribute to Johnny Cash and Friends, at the Crystal Theater at the Lodge of the Ozarks. Eve also appeared on the Cash Alive! The Legend, at Jerry Presley’s God & Country Theaters.

During her career, Eve has also paid tribute to Gene Simmons, Elvis Presley and Wayne Newton.

Since the news of his passing, many members of the Branson community, as well as fans, have taken to social media or emailed the Branson Tri-Lakes News directly to express their condolences and share their memories. of Eve.

“Legends in Concert remembers the day, ten years ago, Paul Eve walked into our Branson Elvis â„¢ festival in 2011. We had no idea how important he would become to all of us! Robb Horton, production manager at Legends in Concert, recalls the day in 2011 he walked into the green room backstage at the contest and spotted a man in a $ 6,000 Elvis jumpsuit who looked like Johnny Cash . I asked him if he had ever played the role of Johnny Cash and he smiled, laughed and said “Yes I do”. Paul auditioned the next day after the Elvis festival ended and the rest is history! Paul has always been an audience favorite when he performed as Cash on our show, as well as at our many other Legends in Concert venues across the country.

“We are deeply saddened that Paul no longer walks through our doors, although his presence will always be felt. He was a kind and gentle soul, larger than life and immensely talented. Our lives have been enriched by knowing this man, and he will be sorely missed. —Legends in concert Branson

“I love you Brother Paul, and we will all miss you terribly. You have always been a lot of fun spending time with each other, always kind and courteous. You made so many people happy with your tribute, and I’m lucky to have called you friend. Rest in peace my dear brother. —Dean Z

“Sweet, kind, generous. Incredibly talented. I have good memories and funny stories. We will miss you. Rest in peace.” —Lori Mitchell-Gay

“I am saddened to hear the news. My dear friend with whom I have had the privilege to share the stage with so many times, my dear friend with whom I have had the privilege to share the road, hotel stays, family dinners and the most important to all laughs with…. Paul Eve, you made me laugh so hard and I enjoyed our deep conversations about life. You have most certainly followed the line in style. Have a good trip to paradise my friend. —Joseph Hall

“Paul Eve, you will be missed, my sweet friend. One of the nicest, sweetest, loving people I have ever met. I am happy that he is not in pain and that he is in the arms of our Lord RIP, my brother. —Bucky heard

“Don’t worry, Paul. You were one of the best tributes to Cash and an even better friend. I will always cherish the special friendship we had. From our many phone calls, to your voicemail messages as Mr. Haney, or even giving you guitar lessons before a Legends show. It has always been a pleasure to work with you and call you a friend. See you soon, buddy. —Radney Pennington

“So sad to hear that Paul Eve was an amazing artist and a dear friend to us here in Branson. He was such a talented and gentle man that it was a long day. Tear my friend apart. —Liz Deck

“Always grateful to get down to business with the best and most blessed when they become friends! We will miss you dearly Paul Eve! Send so much love and prayers to your family and friends. – Dasa Hayes

“I just heard about Paul Eve. My heart is broken. You were just the nicest guy and of course the best Johnny Cash! I was talking about you 2 days ago. RIP and I’ll see you in heaven. Too many people have left this year.

—Jennifer Jones

“Paul Eve, I can’t stop thinking about you buddy. You were one in a billion. I wish we could talk again. You are going to have great discussions with God.

—Clint Nievar

“My dear friend. Heartbroken to hear that we have lost Paul Eve. I can still hear a big ‘HELLO honey!’ And feel a big bear hug following it. One of the guys the best and nicest I’ve ever known. I love you, Paul. We miss you already. ” —Caitlin Brady

“Rest in peace. You walked to the beat of your own drum and put on a hell of a show. It has been an honor to work with you. —Elisée Conner

“Very sad to hear of the passing of my adorable and talented friend, a great Johnny Cash !!! I will miss you, Paul Eve !! —Kathy neighbors Robinson

“So sad to hear of the death of a good friend !!! RIP Paul Eve we will miss you buddy!

—Karen Anderson

“Another missing. A good friend and an incredible tribute artist to Johnny Cash. Paul Eve went to heaven. We will miss you, thoughts and prayers to the family. Until we meet again, God bless. Adios my friend !!! ” —Rick Lenzi

“Another friend is gone. Paul Eve was an amazing Johnny Cash and a great guy. My love and prayers to his family, friends and all his fans! “

—Alfie Silva Eckert

“I am so saddened to hear that my friend Paul Eve has passed away and left with Jesus. He was one of the most selfless people on earth and incredibly talented. He has always shared with me his music which he works on. I had the privilege of seeing him perform and do some photography for him in Branson. Dance in glory, my sweet friend.

—Michelle Loscalzo

At the time of going to press, the funeral, memorial services and other obituary details for Eve had not yet been released. As this information becomes available it will be added to this story here at


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