EVERGLOW’s Aisha Flaunts Her Electric Moves In Dance Cover For SUNMI’s Popular Track “Full Moon” Soompi


On January 30, Yuehua Entertainment released the dance cover of SUNMI’s “Full Moon” performed by EVERGLOW’s Aisha, and we are mesmerized by her moves. Dressed in a black mesh dress and dark makeup, Aisha Perfectly replicates the moves of SUNMI’s popular track. Known for being a bolder member, Aisha manages to grab viewers’ attention during the entire coverage. This was released on the Lunar New Year or ‘Sollal’.

EVERGLOW’s “DUN DUN” was announced to have won 1st place in the voting for “Best Malamat Song”, which means intense spicy taste or, musically speaking, earworm. Star Play, a global star fan app created by active votes from star fandoms, launched a voting contest from January 11 to 25 for the title of “The Best Malamat Song”.

The so-called “Malamat” songs, with their powerful rhythm, addictive melody, and powerful performances, are gaining popularity not only in Korea but also overseas. In this vote, which was conducted for the idol songs of ‘Malamat’, which dominates the love of global fans, Everglow’s ‘DUN DUN’, a ‘global trend’, with a total of 39.05% of the vote .

EVERGLOW’s ‘DUN DUN’ is the title track from their first mini-album ‘reminiscence’, released in February 2020. ‘DUN DUN’, filled with Everglow’s unique girl-crush charm, is harmonized with an addictive melody, rhythm intense that constantly resonates with the heart, and a delicate vocal line, fully meeting the expectations of listeners. With a confident and subjective intro that begins with the lyrics of ‘Ring the drum’, powerful horns that make the eardrums, a beautiful synth bass, and an intense beat that breaks the beat quickly gives a strong impact until the end of the song.

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