Escape from Tarkov: Trader event is over


Another encrypted message was posted by Battlestate games, this time via morse code.

For the past week, Escape from Tarkov Traders has had a 30% discount on all items. This event happened just a few weeks after the flea market and all traders were offline over the weekend, so it was the possibility for players to restock their equipment and ammunition at low prices.

Players looking to make money selling items to traders quickly discovered that the same sale discount also applied to the purchase portion, like Merchants bought items from players at a 30% discount.

An hour ago, Battlestate Games released two images encrypted with morse code. The messages translate to:


Following Tweets, players reported that regular prizes have already returned to the game. Most people were happy with this event because it came on time, but some weren’t because it was difficult to make money from traders during the event.

Followers of wiping Thursday theories are beginning to realize that The wiping might not happen anytime soonwhile cryptic messages continue to announce new events without ever going any further.

And if the reason for this event was players replenishing their stock after the previous blockade, then it’s reasonable to assume that the wipe does not arrive before mid-June or even July.

If you don’t know what to do until cleared, you can kill time watching the Tarkov tournament in progress and earn valuable rewards.

Twitch Drops are enabled on the broadcast channels as well as on the channels of the finalists.


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