Escape From Tarkov Reveals Scav Brotherhood Event Details


Do you remember the recent Escape From Tarkov Scav Brotherhood event that deliberated a post to stop Scav violence? The event forced the PMCs to cease fire on the Scavs. Well, on Wednesday Battlestate Games released the result of the recent “Scav Brotherhood” event. The results are somewhat shocking as 2,143,923 million Scavs remained intact and managed to survive on 3,508,151 raids, which brings us to a strong survival rate of over 50%.

Player raids incite another strong indication of rivalry between human players, also known as PMCs, as 3,295,845 PMC were killed in 11,038,678 raids. The cheeky Scavs managed to kill around 99,478 PMCs, while the total number of AI and Player Scavs killed during the event is 10,283,679. There are also Scav players who have crossed over and are missing in the fight.

It’s good to see how the players genuinely cared about their reputation with Fence and didn’t want to get into additional problems. To see the results and outcomes of the Scav Brotherhood event, check out the table below released by EFT’s beta advertiser.

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