Electrifying Tuvan music by Khöömei Beat


Kh̦̦mei beat РChangys Baglaash (Arc Music, 2021)

Colorful Tuvan traditions and haunting throat singing meet engaging modern elements in Khöömei Beat’s new album, Changys Baglaash.

Overall, Changys Baglaash features many original songs steeped in Tuvan folk music as well as reenactments of traditional songs arranged in exciting new ways. Notably, all the members of the group play various musical instruments and concoct a fabulous and masterfully structured fusion.

Khöömei Beat was formed when the musicians met at a local competition in 2017. At that time, frontman Aikhan Oorzhak was looking for a band, and a group of musicians were looking for a singer. Together they created Khöömei Beat.

Group members include Aikhan Oorzhak on vocals, backing vocals, doshpuluur (2-string plucked lute) and igil (2-string violin); Kan-Khüler Saaya on vocals, backing vocals, byzaanchy (4-string fiuddle), chadagan (percussion zither) and shyngyraash (small metal balls); Aidyn Sedii on choirs, cello and clogs; Shoraan ocher on electric bass and shoor (flute); and Bailak Mongush on drums, multi-pad sampler and kengirge (drums).

Khöömei beat

Author: Angel Romero

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