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With another Sony state of affairs in the books, it’s time to explore all the announcements and updates presented again. For those who don’t know, in recent years Sony has released Nintendo Direct style streams with showcases focused on one or more games. They are designed to update gamers on the latest games coming to the PlayStation platform.

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The October 2021 State of Play focused on the next third-party games coming to the PlayStation 5. The State of Play featured nine different games as well as an update to a beloved PS5 launch title. The presentation showed games ranging from new entries to classic franchises such as The king of fighters and Five nights at Freddy’s to exciting original games such as The door of death and Little devil inside. Although this was a rather short inventory, there was still something to be excited about.

ten We Are OFK tells the beautiful story of the fictional independent group OFK

The members of the OFK group

We are OFK brought with it a fun trailer featuring members of indie-pop fiction OFK. The game tells a lively and interactive story of the group, their humble beginnings, their rise and of course their music. The trailer shows the heightened chemistry the band members have with each other as well as the great writing we can expect from the ups and downs of their story.

We are OFK Will certainly excite fans of OFK’s musical genre, but might not be as appealing to those looking for something different in terms of gameplay and music. This game is certainly one of the most fascinating showcases of the state of play.

9 Deathverse brings a lot of staff to his deadly game show

QueenB Dnacing

Deathverse: Let him die overflowing with charm. Towards death, developed by Supetrick Games, is an arena-based multiplayer game designed as a deadly game show. Players can select characters with a variety of different abilities and personalities with one goal in mind: to survive. Towards death has a strong focus on close range melee weapons, including katanas and big electric fists.

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The big question with Towards death, however, is that enough to stand out in an already saturated genre? Is that enough to get players to put aside what they’re already playing to give it a shot? Time will certainly tell.

8 KartRider: Drift finally hopes to give players a true Mario Kart rival

Four runners competing

KartRider: Drift is another title in the long list of kart racers who have tried to capture the same magic as the Mario kart series, and one of the many attempts that have been published outside of Nintendo. The trailer showed what to expect from KartRiders such as characters, courses, and many items that players can use to wreak havoc on opposing racers.

The highlight of the trailer was the robust customization options for each character and kart. It is an area that Mario kart has been lacking over the years so it’s great to see KartRiders recognize this as a way to distinguish it from Nintendo’s juggernaut.

7 Bugsnax: The Isle Bigsnax is a free expansion for a delicious launch title

Several figures look at a large creature resembling a moth

Bugsnax was a bit of a revelation for Sony when it was released as a launch title for the PS5. Despite its charming and cute designs, it would have been an easy game to ignore if Sony hadn’t included the game as one of the system’s first free PlayStation Plus offerings. In doing so, the players gave Bugsnax luck that they may not have previously and have found the game an absolute delight.

The developer of Bugsnax, Young Horses certainly took note as not only is the game getting an extensive update in Bigsnax Island, but it will be published completely free of charge. Bigsnax Island features much larger creatures, in part, in part, that players can discover and capture.

6 Make no mistake about it because first class problems are more than just a clone among us

One character gets trapped by another

First class problem is an online deduction game in the same vein as the popular Among us. contrary to Among us, First class problem is 3D as opposed to top-down 2D, giving players a new perspective on the action that they otherwise wouldn’t have had with Among us. Players will either take on the role of a resident or a personoid (a robot in disguise). The goal of the residents is to stop the production of CAIN robots while the personoids attempt to prevent the residents from succeeding through traps and deception.

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For PlayStation Plus subscribers, First class problem will be available for free for the month of November, giving players plenty of incentives to give First class problem a chance.

5 Five Nights At Freddy’s: Safety Might Deserve A Pizza Night

Feddy Fazbear Mega Pizza Plex

The Five nights at Freddy’s The series has captivated and terrorized gamers since the original game’s debut on PC and mobile devices in 2014. The survival horror series about the horrors that happen overnight at “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza” has built a base extremely passionate fans over the years spawning many sequels, spinoffs, novels and even an upcoming film adaptation.

The last in the series is Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach and takes place in “Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex,” which provides players with a vast setting to explore and hide from the animatronic terrors that await them. The trailer showed how much the series has grown over the years. Is that enough to get the series back on track?

4 The King Of Fighters XV aims to reclaim his throne


The king of fighters The series is one of the oldest active series in the game, both in terms of duration and number of entries. The final and fifteenth main entry in this classic fighting series is the aptly named The King of Fighters XV. KOF XV seeks to regain the magic of the series after a division The King of Fighters XIV. KOF XV It already features better and cleaner visuals than its predecessor and will also include a restore netcode, which would give gamers a significantly better online experience compared to previous entries. This trailer especially features a brand new character of Dolores, an African hermit who uses ground and rock attacks.

With many great hitters of the genre, such as street fighter and Tekken, concluding their latest entries and looking to the future, this offers a great opening for KOF XV have an impact similar to that Guilty equipment: strive made.

3 Death’s Gate comes to life on PlayStation

The crow approaching a door

The door of death was well received when it was initially released on PC and Microsoft consoles earlier in 2021. Boasting a Metacritic Score of 85 on PC, Death’s Door is an excellent and exciting addition to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The door of death is a top-down action-adventure game inspired by series such as Dark souls and THE Legend of Zelda.

In this challenging game, players take on the role of a crow, whose duty is to collect souls. Although this is a game about death, The door of death contains its share of wit and humor in its writing.

2 Star Ocean: Divine Force Might Be The Miracle The Show Is Looking For

Raymond fighting an enemy

The Ocean star the series returns for the first time since the 2016 games Star Ocean: Integrity and infidelity for PlayStation consoles and Star Ocean: History for mobile devices with Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Divine Force continues the series’ dual-protagonist system with a story that adapts to the choices players make throughout. The first protagonist is the captain of the merchant spaceship Raymond who tries to do the right thing, even if it means becoming too reckless. The second protagonist is Laeticia who is the princess of the kingdom of Aucerius and seeks to protect her home from an impending threat.

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Divine Force will also be released for the Xbox Series X, making it the first mainline Ocean star title released on Microsoft consoles since 2009 Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Divine Force seeks to ensure that the 25th anniversary of the Ocean star series marks the beginning of a revitalization.

1 Little Devil Inside is a monster-hunting approach

Billy checking his inventory at a campfire

The final game featured in the State of Play was Little devil inside, and it’s a good argument to explain why it’s the most publicized game in this inventory. This visually stunning game centers around Billy, who made his career investigating the supernatural. Billy travels the world to explore and learn all he can about unusual incidents in the hopes of fully completing his Encyclopedia of Phenomena. The game mixes up ordinary aspects of Billy’s life such as traveling, asking locals for help, and the business behind his own brand of monster hunting.

This trailer features the world map and examples of certain moments in history that the player will be able to experience, including random events on the world map. Little devil inside is sure to present an engaging story, and it’s easy to be curious about what that story has in store.

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